Loveless Billy does 420

Loveless Billy does 420

You ever been to an art show……. ON WEED?!

Now that I got that Half Baked reference out of the way, I’ll share with you some of Monday’s happenings. Some things I documented, and some things are best left to the imagination. Here’s what went down:

After pre-rolling a joint or two the night before, I woke up, sparked one and continued to lay in bed while spilling ash all over the place. This being nothing out of the ordinary, I walked downstairs in a foggy haze. Clearing cobwebs from my eyes, I dropped some tincture drops sure to set the town for the next few hours. Then I thought about what errands I needed to run: go to the dry cleaners, go to Publix (still actually need to go to Publix) and something else that I can’t remember. I had some Cheetos and — you guessed it — smoked another doob. By this point I was pretty far out, so I watched Game of Thrones again. Fantastic.

Looking at the clock and realizing that 420 was almost here, I hopped into the whip and headed to City of Ink’s 420 show. It was awesome. I smoked the biggest joint I’ve ever seen in person and took some stoned photographs. I also met some cool cats. Thanks for setting a dope vibe, COI!

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