Conceptualized in 2010, the “Loveless” brand started from a gift that is seemingly taken for granted by many; the gift of failure and the ability to evolve as a person. In this particular case, it was a healthy dose of heartbreak.

“My ass got dumped, but looking back now, it was one of the best things to ever happen to me. Funny right?” –Melvin Todd (Founder/Creative Director of Loveless Society and a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic)

Being an art nerd, Melvin expressed his emotions the best way he knew how, through art. This led to the creation of Loveless Cupid. Tarnished by the world we live in today and its rigid ideologies, he was a modernized and ‘rougher’ version of the famous mythological cherub. After receiving much unanticipated fanfare through social media, Loveless Society was born. That’s when Mel…ok… enough of the third person stuff, we all know who’s writing this. Hi everyone. My name is Melvin Todd, but you can call me Loveless Mel, because it sounds a little cooler to my precious eardrums.

Where was I… oh yeah. So in case you don’t know, I’m a tattoo artist. With that being the case, naturally people started asking for me to do the Cupid characters on them as body art. I assumed that everyone just wanted them because they looked cool, but after further inspection, people would tell me that the images of the cherubs actually seemed to be for fighting for love, theirs in particular. With this knowledge I took on the task, but put a spin on it. I had individuals tell me exactly what they loved in particular and I would draw them their own personal cherub that showed the world what they loved in such a way that they could wear it like a badge of honor.  I was giving my clients a personal protector of what they love in essence.

10423669_10102643346868551_7275833173664213664_nThe allure of the cherubs was evident pretty quickly. After word spread through social media that I had taken the drawings and started applying them to skin, I was booked out with a new “Loveless Tattoo” every day. After actually seeing a few people with Loveless tattoos all stand in a circle and discuss their cherubs to each other, I realized that I had created a tattoo where the person, through the simple act of describing, was telling everyone in proud fashion everything that they loved and hoped for. It was an amazing feeling. At that point I decided to highlight these people and show the world how amazing they were. That’s when I started calling them ‘The Society’. These people felt like they were a part of something big and I intended on making it big.

At first, I’m not going to lie, I was wondering if the cherubs would all look the same because c’mon, we all want the same things, right? Fame, money, cars, clothes, big Brazilian bubble butts in arms reach (that can’t just be me)? But to my surprise, this wasn’t the case at all and honestly is the magic of why I think Loveless continues to thrive. We all don’t have the same passions, or even want the same things. Something that can make one person happy may end up being the last thing on someone else’s mind in their pursuit to happiness.

We’re all different. Loveless shows that with each tattoo. None are alike, because none of us are. And just like that I realized what Loveless was.

Love visualized through the art of tattooed Cherubs.

As Loveless continues to grow, I’ve brought along some very talented individuals to help it evolve. Be sure to check our regularly updated blog, as the Loveless team discuss what interests them in a raw unedited fashion (like a naked Cupid blindly shooting love at everyone). Of course we will be introducing more people with the tattoos to you as well with the revamped version of “the Society”. Lovebomb, where you can buy Loveless stuff, will continue to add new items as well as we grow in our new studio space. There are some other big announcements coming soon too. As you can see, we’re pretty stoked about the future.

Ahem, sorry about all that reading, but I’m glad you did. Remember, we got your back. Love… go chase that shit. Cupid will be watching.

-Loveless Mel


Loveless Society

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