Anniversary post

Anniversary post

It’s been a whole year since the site has been up. Shit doesn’t even feel real. But you guys came back, week after week, to see me ramble about love and shit. In a world were love isn’t as appreciated, it showed that hell, maybe there is a bright spot, and that you all are it. We also introduced you to some really kick ass people in the Society. The good thing is we have so much more in store. With that being said…it’s time to reveal phase two of our 5 year plan. You guys asked for it and were patient, so I’ll go ahead and get you to the next step. We’re launching a new site today…ummm…well we launched it last year, but now it’s open. Remember that Loveless September thing? Well now it’s time to get acquainted. I’ll do my Valentine’s day blog there today. Meet me there. Loveless


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