Beats, Freaks and Fur.

Beats, Freaks and Fur.

As spring time creeps in, it’s out of the studio and into the streets. MAN this weather has been amazing as of late, although we did have a rainy day or three in the middle. Fuck it tho, right? Ha! With warm weather comes the park, blankets and bad choices. Here are some snaps from the rainy days and the sunny ones (with a bonus track I just can’t get enough of… Really tho! This song is¬†fucking fire).



P.S. The new Kendrick dropped and it’s proper. George Clinton with Thunder Cat produced by FLYLO!? Beast.

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  1. Terry
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    Dope post! You ain’t lying that song/video is fie!!!!

    • Billy Heigl
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      thanks man! yeah i can’t wait for the whole tape
      to drop!!

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