Loveless September

Loveless September

“Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends…”

-Green Day

Hey all, Cupid here. I’m not going to lie to you, I was very tempted to just leave that one quote from Green Day as the post and be on my merry way. Blame it on me posting those little quips all week long and you guys not getting angry at me. See how you guys make me all complacent. Well, the higher ups let me know I definitely wasn’t getting away with that this Wednesday. So lend me your ears and shit, because if you couldn’t tell from the above quote…shit is about to get deep. Pass me a bottle, and if you find yourself agreeing with me, then in the famous words of 2Chainz, “turn up”.

So…all last week, shit all last month for those few who were paying attention, we kept mentioning September (call it our not so subtle foreshadowing for you literary types). But why? Fuck is so appealing about September? Well, I’m definitely the person to ask. For me, it is not February where I am busiest…no no no. In fact that’s the one month where I actually am only super busy for just one day (I like the take off the rest of the month…probably explains all those Valentine’s day one night stands…I digress). The actual month that stresses me out in a way that is unmatched is actually the bittersweet month of September. For it is this month that is usually the axis of people’s emotions that dictates almost entirely how the rest of their year may turn out…for better or worse.


So what is it about September that makes it so weird in the world of relationships. Well my thoughts are that it is the actual month where many roads collide…due to the shift in general atmosphere. The summer has just ended…the heat in essence is gone. Many people have had a long summer of relentless fun, while some have to see their budding summer romances fade as people return to their normal lives and not the dream fantasy of the sun fueling our primal ways. The weather cools…so do our heads. In time we cower back into our habits of being by one’s self…alone with just thoughts. As we all know, the idle mind is it’s own worst enemy fore questions arise, questions that many of us are not ready to face. As the wind blows briskly, you cross your arms. It is chillier out than you thought. You move your palms up and down to create friction on your frigid prickly skin. You weren’t ready for the weather…for the cold. You don’t want to be alone… you don’t want to alleviate the cold by yourself…you need someone else to warm you in the winter. This is were the phenomenon known as “Cuffing Season” comes into play.


With this sudden urge to not want to be alone, people give into giving themselves a bit easier than they have in the warmer months. I mean, I’m able to shoot people who are beyond accepting to take a love bullet to the head all of a sudden when in April they were doing the matrix…(shout out to Neo…you truly are the one). Think about it…it doesn’t take much. Someone around this time finds a “nice person” and the next thing you know they are already rushing into something. Think back…if you don’t feel you came after a said “nice person”, then I bet my little bitty acorn sack that maybe YOU were the “nice person” who was filling that void in the other individual. Harsh I know, but let me continue.

So in the next months, something actually amazing happens, as if the cold weather keeps the arrow in place. A young love is born. One person feels that they have been too arrogant and are glad they calmed down to enjoy someone who appreciates them, while the “nice person” feels so fucking lucky and would do anything to keep the other person happy. This continues for awhile and everything is good. I look from afar and just observe my handiwork…wondering if the effects will last. I always pray they do. And then, the warmness comes back. And in turn…arrows, bullets, etc…become dislodged.


“Listen ma I’ll give you all I got
Get me off of this
I need confidence in myself”

-The Weeknd

Now begins the true test, and this is sadly where the world being loveless comes into play. Now as one person tries to access their feelings, the other is all in. This is not the way of love, and in turn it hampers the growth of both parties. Love is to be effortless. Yes it is definitely worth fighting for I know, but sometimes even me…being a God of all love, knows when it is too much. From what I have seen, this game between star crossed lovers goes on a back and forth tumultuous exchange for awhile, with both parties dealing with it in their own way, all leading to an abrupt end…usually right back…in September. From there the cycle starts anew, as they both try to figure out how to keep warm in the winter. The situation also changes both…for the good sometimes…and not so good in other cases (we all know the saying “But once a good girl’s (nice maybe? hmmm) goin bad, she’s gone forever..I’ll mourn forever..Shit I gotta live with the fact I did you wrong forever” My bad, had to go ahead and rap that out).


Now it is up to us to grow from these Septembers and hopefully make one of them really work…because it can. All it takes is for two people to never want that arrow to leave. They are both infatuated with each other and feel as it…when they are close…they share said arrow. Without the experiences of their pasts, they most likely will not be able to realize this.

So what is Loveless September? Well it is the realization of the past and the growth from it to become happy…happy as fuck. It will let everyone know that no matter the past, it was all an important factor to the life they are meant to have…with the partner that they are meant to have. As you all have seen, the art with the September tag pushes itself to bring out unflinching emotion. It’s almost like the evolution of Loveless if you will. It will have us look deeper in ourselves and embrace the past in order to accept the wonderful fucking future.

With that being said, I know you guys are ready for this whole evolution and want to get started with Loveless September now. Well be patient goddamnit, for patience is key and kind to the heart. It is coming, we just hope you are ready for the Fall. *Looks up in time to see the first leaf cascade to the ground* Yes…just in time. It’s coming, know that.

I’m not scared of the Fall…

-Loveless Cupid

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