Endless Addiction

Endless Addiction

*Just a warning, I’m about to go full Cupid on you. It’s International Women’s Day and to someone like me…this is a major holiday, and if you love Loveless, should be for you as well. I myself, celebrate women in their heavenly form every day of my waking life, but you my mere mortal friend, may not. So this is for you, to show you how rewarding of an experience worshiping their very creation can be. So, if you are a helpless romantic like me please continue…cues D’Angelo*

Sometimes you just have to admire beauty in it’s rawest form. I myself think this so easy to do when looking a beautiful woman, especially when she lets you into her world. I mean I’m the God of Love yet I feel like even that fails in comparison to the intimate creature that is the woman. It’s like they hypnotize their male counter parts. I want you exotic beings to know just what we think when you invite us into…your world. Listen to this tale.

It starts with the walk. Girls don’t just live a life of walking straight ahead…no they add that little hip movement that lets their torso follow suite. Even at it’s most subtle it is entrancing…alluring. Let me set the mood even better. She looks back…with her little skimpy boy shorts and tank top on (she is a master at her gift from birth, the woman is a natural in the art of seduction and persuasion) and beckons with a single flip of her wrist and a lonely finger that coils backwards and forth. Helpless, us males cannot resist…the bait has been set by what could possibly happen if we are obedient enough…we follow.

The door is closed and she attempts to kiss us on the neck, but she is the temptress…(you miss, yes you reading this are my very weakness) and pulls back the kiss to where we can only feel the light breathing on our skin. Hairs raise…maybe other things, we can’t tell…can’t seem too excited. The temptress walks and leads us to the edge of the bed. They sit us down as they walk over and dim the lights. A silence overtakes the room as a white and blue silhouette illuminates. There is no fear, just to the recognition of what brings every male defenseless. It’s the glorification of her infinite curves. See these women aren’t like us rough guys, They have these lines (get your finger poindexter, let’s play a game called anatomy) that you can trace endlessly. You start at her neck and it seamlessly glides down her bust. Effortlessly, in a perfect motion…something like a roller coaster, our finger slides around the dangerous curve and onto her waist (don’t think I didn’t see that belly ring along the ride…ohh temptress you are so bad). And know this curve is infinite. A finger can trace a woman’s body infinitely because her curves are from the heavens themselves.

She comes forward and puts her leg on the bed beside us…because Captain Morgan has nothing on her dominating stance. She leans forward but suddenly our head is pulled back. Yes the temptress has deceived us. How were we to notice her hands  creeping behind our hair. The head pull let’s us know who’s in control. As our head is tilted back the temptress licks then lightly kisses the front of our neck. “I’m puddy now…this woman can tell me anything…fucking anything! Please tell me something, PLEASE!”, are the only thoughts that resonate.  She leans close and licks the back inner wall of our ear and lets out a slight sigh. I can hear every part of her lips open as she begins to lick them…first top…then a subtle suck of the bottom…I don’t see, I just…hear. Her moist lips then open…an order is about to be given! Looks like you’ve been drafted, she is about to give you your first order soldier. I hope you’re ready. A slight breath is let out and then it comes!!!

“You forgot to take out the trash today buddy, you’re on time out. Hope you get it next time.” (That D’Angelo record from earlier randomly spontaneously combusts).

She smiles and skips away. You fucking temptress…I hate that I love how wickedly tantalizing you are. But without them, and their endless curves, we would not be inspired for anything. So temptress…I will take out your trash on Mondays and just continue to to be my driving force, thine muse (I’ll thump the shit outta your nose if you try that again…hmph).

Happy International Women’s Day to all of you.

-Loveless Cupid

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