‘love and stuff’ – Expectations

‘love and stuff’ – Expectations

We are constantly fed images of an ‘ideal’ love, the ‘dreamy’ courtship, the ‘perfect’ wedding… the ‘happily ever after.’  Do or can these exist?  I say yes, but only with an open mind.  An open mind that doesn’t confine what it means to love or be loved is open to its limitless forms.
The more you expect from love, the less it tends to be love.  It is naive to expect that what you see as love is how someone else sees it.  That doesn’t mean it is nonexistent.  We have a tendency to seek to make things ‘work’ with someone that doesn’t see things even close to the way we do.  This is neither right nor wrong.  The chance encounter that someone comes into your life with similar ideas on what love is, what a relationship is, etc, is possible.
We tend to seek relationships as if we are buying a car instead of letting love come naturally.  Let things be what they are.  Keep an open mind.  Keep love in your heart.  Keep your love without expectation.
Love and stuff,
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    I love this pic.I have this tattoo. I would like to know who drew it


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