Valentine’s is now officially Loveless Day

Valentine’s is now officially Loveless Day

Welcome to the new fuckin home to Loveless Society…I’m Cupid and I’m pretty friggin wasted…what? Why? Cause it’s a celebration. Not even for this site, but because it’s my holiday. The holiday of lovers. I know many people debate the authenticity of it being a holiday, but man c’mon! It’s supposed to just be a day where you show the people you love that you appreciate them. Why would one want to be angry at that?

I know what you’re thinking “shut up you little short fuck, you just want me to buy greeting cards with you on them or really make me sad by reminding me that I’m alone on this day.”

If this is how you sound…then hear me out…

One; I don’t get proceeds off of Valentine’s day monies. I signed away my rights around 269 AD to be honest (FYI- If some one asks if you want 10% of Valentines proceeds or a year of free ham sandwiches don’t make the same mistake I did…Mmm hammm). And two; I’m the God of Love, the hell would I want you to be miserable for. That’s why I’m all sad and drunk now. I want you to be happy…I want you to have love and I want you to believe in it.

I know this sounds like some Sesame Street shit, but it’s true. Focusing on the negative is only going to bring more negative. We have to take action for our happiness. This is what Loveless is all about. I’m not about to go on the history of Loveless, there are sections on the site for that, but I will say that your happiness starts with you and shit.

We are here to help. They’ve spent the budget to get me to be the spokes person for this shit (and trust me I’m not cheap) so I’m gonna do my best to talk about love without making anyone wanna gag. If I’m not posting’ then you’ll have Psyche who’s pretty damn logical. Or you may have Jeff who is half way retarded, but more entertaining than I care to admit. We got your back is all I’m saying.

Another great thing is the growing ‘Society’. These are people who aren’t afraid to show the world who they are and what they love. They have taken the first steps by being able to show the world who they are by not even saying a word. Their Loveless Cherub does the talking. Every Wednesday a new person will be revealed as well as their cherub so be sure to come back for that weekly (here’s a link…even though it’s to the left on every page people…smh). Don’t miss out, these are some of the most genuinely interesting people ever…and hopefully you may be talking about yourself on this site one day. If you have a Loveless tattoo you will be recognized.

Ok let me finish up…this post has gone long enough (alcohol gives me happy fingers..). Since it’s Valentine’s day I’m definitely here for you. While I have no problem getting attention from suitors…I know it means nothing without having that certain… someone. Above, I’ve posted my last “good” Valentine’s day. The thing I want you all to know is that if you can’t be happy with yourself then it is going to be hard for that certain someone to accept you as well.

We are going to start with what makes you and take a journey that ends with you able to expose yourself to the world with no fear. So let’s not call it Valentine’s Day. How about we call it Loveless Day. With that said acknowledge that it will be the last day that you will be loveless and you will learn about you and live the life you are supposed to. Trust me when I say the rewards will be endless. I got your back this time…now lets get wasted. I mean it is Loveless Day after all.

-Loveless Cupid

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  1. Loveless Terre
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    Feels good to know my F’in fav Cupid is Home to stay! See ya soon giggles& kisses-LovelessTerre


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