Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting


Fucking site is back up! How exciting is that? Well, I know you guys want me to continue with my little tale…from how long ago now? A month? Shitters!!! Well, don’t cause a scene or anything, but I’m actually going to continue it next week *dodges random shoe…when catches random panties” Umm…thank you miss? *Puts panties on head* Were was I? Oh, like I said, I want to continue because the conclusion is epic, but tomorrow is a big day.

For those that don’t know, Valentine’s Day of 2012 was the official launch of Loveless on the web. Years prior, we made sure to do something special for you guys on one of the most hated holidays of the year (and trust me, it’s a damn holiday…don’t get fucked up by moi). Alls I’m saying is this year is no different. So instead of Loveless Wednesday, this year we are gonna¬†rendezvous back here tomorrow for the real “Loveless Day”. In the meantime, let me prepare. I got some special arrows ready for you. Don’t be scared, close your eyes…and give in.

Happy Valentines Day Eve. See you lot tomorrow.

-Loveless Cupid

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