Love Hard

Hey you lot. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll keep it pretty straight forward today. I’m just feeling a certain type of way. In case you can’t tell. I seem to have an arrow lodged in my heart. What? Fuck sake! No I didn’t stab myself…I’m trying to pull it out. It just seems to be stuck in there quite tightly. How it got there is not important, just know that it’s there and I can’t take it!

Have you ever felt this way? That feeling of wanting to let something go but your heart just won’t let you, almost like the arrow is permanently stuck in you? If your answer is yes, there is nothing wrong with it. You’re just like me…just means you “Love hard”. The only downside to this is when you want the love to disappear…but it can’t.

It’s such a weird moment to be so infatuated with something and then the world conspires to take it away, but you aren’t ready to give it up. Now you have to walk around with heavy thoughts that weigh on you. I want to give you a solution, but it is really just something time heals. Eventually, you learn to move around that arrow, or you at least break it so it’s not in the way all the time. Soon the arrowhead will fall out and it will all be an after thought…but for some…myself included.. that tip is permanently lodged in us.



I’m not even saying that’s a bad thing. Can kind of sting if you don’t have it at the moment, but I would never tell you guys to give up on something you love. It’s your love, keep it if you must. There isn’t really a lesson with this post.. just wanted you guys to know how I felt. If you are going through this with anything, just know that time helps and weirdly friends too (well not mines. Jeff told me to “man up”. I proceeded to slap the shit out of his dumb ass…

I know people can’t feel it for you, but everyone at least understands. Look in the mirror, smile and shit and be grateful for what you do have. Who knows, it may come back. Even if not, you will be focusing on how great you are to mind too much. At the end of the day, it’s all about truly being happy with you..

-Loveless Cupid

PS- I’m sorry if my wit was lacking…but I have a fucking arrow in my chest!!! How about you stop listening to me for a second and help get this crap outta me… You know what, eff it. Let’s just go get some drinks. I’ll tell you what happened then… Come on slowpoke.


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  1. Blackheart

    I have felt that way a few times in my life, but lust won every time. But right now my arrow is wedged deep and placed there by someone very close and not a lover. Nothing hurts me more than when someone decides to do something to me which causes me to lose trust in our relationship. My arrow will never retract. Its rare that someone who is close to me breaks my trust because I don’t trust easily. My heart is so hurt right now because everyone who knows me well enough knows that I am very open and honest. If there is something I am keeping secret its kept there because it will cause harm. To have someone as close as this person is to me violate my privacy and open up that secrets has been heartbreaking. We can never go backwards. I will never see them the same. It hurts to know that we will never have that loving and trusting relationship we once had. I am sure I will move forward from this but I will never heal.

    • Cupid

      If nothing else, you will definitely heal…regardless of how you may feel now. Sadly, I too have been through it. Nothing in life goes without a lesson. Do your best to learn from this and the world will align itself to bring you happiness. Whether it is with that person or another. Just know that staying sad is staying stagnant. While it may be hard try you’re best to learn the lesson and become better from it. I got your back.

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