In case many of you didn’t know, my damn job is not to make you fall in love. You already have what you love deep in your soul. My arrows or bullets or whatever the fuck just bring that love to the conscious mind to the point where you realize it completely. People just seem to lose track of these desires somewhere along the journey of life.

This is where the Loveless Cherubs come in. As to where I’m a drunk, aging lil fuck, these cherubs are your personal protectors of love. They truly have your back. No one has the same Loveless Cherub. They are made from a derivation of what you personally love. They look like whatever the person who they are protecting wants and they represent everything that person loves. The artwork that adorns their body actually helps remind the person who they are but better yet, shows others that said person is not afraid to show the world the real them. That is the highest form of love…love for self. With that, a person is on their way to the greatest life possible.

They aren’t needed to be one with your self, but they are a great addition. In this Loveless Society having your cherub(s!) around can only be a plus. If you think you want your cherub to emerge we are here to help…well the art guy is. I’ll give him a personal thumbs up if I approve. Without you and the Loveless Cherubs, I know that I wouldn’t be able to bring order alone. I thank you personally. Let’s go have a drink…on you of course.

– Loveless Cupid