‘love and stuff’ – Perspective

‘love and stuff’ – Perspective

For a short little curly-haired jaded drunk guy, I have done ok in the love department.  Most things I have learned about love and myself have been through finding love and losing love.  Yes, Cupid is guilty of, as well as a victim of, the same shit we all are at some point.  So what good would this knowledge be if I didn’t share it with all of you?  From what I see, you all could probably use some advice coming from my own experiences…
I looked into her eyes that morning as the sun came up.  She wasn’t looking at me but at the sun coming up over the ocean’s horizon.  Running my finger across her cheek to brush away the hair from her face was enough for me.  I looked into her eyes knowing that what she once held in her heart for me was gone.  This is a moment, frozen in time, that often holds my attention to this day.  The evolution of our time together never swayed the love I had (or have) for her.  The shift was in my perspective of this love.
There are as many perspectives on love as there are people.  In the same vein, there are as many definitions of love as people.  The ‘success’ or ‘failure’ of love is all perspective as well.  I mean, what the hell is failing or succeeding at love? Love just… is.  Sometimes love is used to find something we have lost or feel we are missing — filling a void, perhaps.   Are we looking for salvation from ourselves?  Does love come from our need or desire to give?  And if so, is reciprocity our goal?  Most times, we love the way we wish to be loved and expect the same in return.  When the return doesn’t meet expectations, we blame, disengage, recoil, or seek love elsewhere.
Perhaps our perspective on love should be worn on our sleeve, and not drowned out by distractions, filtered through social media, or blinded through the illusion of the physical aspect of ‘love.’  Maybe through sharing what it is we hope to achieve through love, we can find what we are looking for in another.
Maybe we will quit trying to make someone love us and just let them love us…
Love and stuff,
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