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Cupid here…and I’m not drunk on the floor in case you were wondering (I do miss you beautiful floor *stares*). I’m actually sitting in front of this computer drinking coffee (lots of cream, lots of sugar…be better than me) of all things and enjoying a delicious snack. Sure I would like a drink, but can you believe every bloody person in this company left me stranded alone today to handle Loveless Wednesday! I mean everybody is on holiday!!! No editor, no artist, no photographer, no Psyche…even bloody Jeff is gone. Can you feel my anger? I woke up to a post it note on my winky that said, “You’re the voice of Loveless. Don’t let us down. NO SERIOUSLY…don’t let us down…please. This feels like a mistake already.” With those words of encouragement, I knew I couldn’t fail…

So as I type this knowing that I’ve already failed (post was kind of supposed to be up at midnight *looks at non existent watch* let’s just say I’m really late *sips coffee with pinky out*) I feel that putting down my bottle on this said morning…err evening… with no editor to correct me probably isn’t the route to go. I mean, I’ve been pretty deep with my little achy breaky heart as of late as evident from the last two posts (haven’t read them? Do it now before I get mad. Sheesh, I write this stuff for you lot. Rain Clouds and Love Hard… shit I’ve been a little sensitive as of late), but I thought I wouldn’t go that path today. So there was my dilemma. What the fuck do I talk about with no direction at all?

I can’t draw, so tricking people with pretty pictures is out (well you know what… there are so many unused images on here, I’m just going to post a million of these things…you’re welcome). And I’m a shit photographer so I couldn’t do an interview… so I just scrolled through all of these files on the computer and wanted to let some inspiration hit me. I’m not going to even lie to you, it was my first time just looking through the files and I was amazed. This company has done so much…in so little time. All of this art…all of these Loveless tattoos created… all of the kind words from everyone… all of the inspiration… coming from the greatest person in the world… YOU!

Without you…yes you, right now reading my ramblings… Loveless wouldn’t have over 70 members in the Society (yeah, we have many, many people to introduce. Frig it’s only 52 weeks in a year…then these posts kind of make that number dwindle a bit…yikes! I’m definitely doing an interview next week. I digress…) Without you, this site wouldn’t have over 10,000 hits in it’s short lifespan. Trust me when I say that we were not expecting that. Without you…hell let’s face it, we wouldn’t be anything.

You guys make Loveless. Your inspiring words of chasing what you love drives us and evolves everything into the art and words that make up this brand. I tell people all the time that this isn’t a movement and such…Loveless is a recognition of self and you are doing that. Thank you for just letting us be a part of it. I know you lot will continue to keep us growing through your stories and experiences. As always, we will be eager to hear.

So with that said, I guess I’ll speak on what’s to come in Loveless (Ha ha! Management shouldn’t have left a cherub alone in this bitch! Ahem…pardon me). First off we are going to add more flavour to the interviews, so be on the lookout for the nifty little additions. Every interview will also have an image that is an illustrated likeness of the member (once the damn artist gets his arse back to work). We would hope that people would share these and such as they are our gift to every member. We just really want to amp it up in the in the interviews. The Society is like a big celebrity list to us, so we are going to make sure to treat it that way.

What else? Well there is going to be art…way more art. We started Loveless with a purpose, but we can’t forget that many people are entranced with the fact that it just looks cool as fuck. There is going to be tons of new art as we gear up for the “Loveless Art Show (yes that name is pending in case you were wondering..please let it be pending)”

We are slated to have it start in early 2013 and everything will be for sale. It will be a traveling art show so we will let you lot know as soon as we confirm the locations. It will be a spectacle to say the least and it will not be the typical art show. It is going to be amazing…cause I said so. We will be giving sneak peaks of all the amazing stuff that will be featured in the show. No worries lads, we won’t be leaving you out.

The download section is coming to everyone that has wanted to decorate all of their fancy little gadgets with my bum. For all of you that have screenshot these images and been using them…thank you! We give you all permission. Spread the fucking love.

And last but not least…we know you want products. Trust me when I say, when the time is right we will release them. We are all about quality and we have some really innovative ideas that we are sure will have you lot going crazy. No worries, it will come. Besides, Loveless is not about the money, we are about the meaning and having you guys embrace it as you have. You will all be rewarded…trust me on this one.

Ok, I’ve rambled on way too long. Hopefully this has gotten at least one person excited. If it has, then my fucking job is complete. Once again thank you all. Hope you enjoyed all of the random images I put on here as well as the little animation at the top (We had that up right before the website launched. Gotta recycle art when applicable you know).

I will leave you all with “Cherub Rock” from Smashing Pumpkins. Why? Hell it’s what cherubs listen to and it’s my que to get wasted. I’ve done the impossible! I’ve done a post and the streets aren’t rioting. I’m quite proud. Thanks again for being great and let’s continue to make this grow. I want to end this with something witty, but I gotta tinkle. Tinkle takes precedent over everything. Later.



– Loveless Cupid



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  1. Erica`

    I can’t wait to see all the new things and the Art show since I am sure it will be coming to cali 😉 or else…

    • Cupid

      It will most definitely be coming to the sunshine state. Los Angeles and San Francisco are a must!

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