‘love and stuff’ – Society and Technology

‘love and stuff’ – Society and Technology

See, here is where we are fucked.  Remember the stories we used to hear from old people about being in love and being married for 8,000,000 years and shit? Whatever happened to that?  What has happened to us is more the question.  Sure, the growth of technology has been good and all that.  I mean, where would I, or my pants, be without my Snapchat and Tinder accounts?

The world is getting smaller, which is cool on many levels.  However, at the same time, the growth of digital ‘noise’ is degrading the nature of our basic human interactions and dwindling them down to a babbling strand of ‘0’s and ‘1’s.  Haha, you didn’t know that I, Cupid, was smart and shit… I am not just short and sexy.  What I am getting at is, there is so much more to communication than words.

Humans are the only animal capable of speaking and yet those words can never quite encapsulate what we really mean most of the time.  How many times has your dumb ass said something you didn’t quite mean?  More often than not, words get in the way in matters of the heart.  Speak less, do and show more.  Sure, it’s great to meet someone online and see all of the meals they eat, those countless (yet adorable) cat videos, and how they overuse the word ‘bae.’  But I am suggesting you make it real.  Meet them in person (not at a hotel or your parents house where you still live with your over-21 self *smh*).  Put down the phone, tablet, laptop, and/or iMac (I don’t know what you all bring on dates).  Look  into their eyes.  Share a moment.  This person might just be someone who can change your life by loving you, and not just another option in a digital realm that doesn’t even exist.

Love and stuff,



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  1. Marra
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    You are so right. We need to all advance and improve as humans and get more in touch with each other, as opposed to our devices and whatnot. Your art is amazing, as well!

    • Loveless Mel
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      My thoughts exactly. Weird how human interaction goes by the waist side these days. And thank you! There will be more to come 🙂

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