Cupid here dropping love pellets on the porcelain throne and I promise to make this one a shorty but a goody. Well first off I’m glad to say that the world didn’t end. I kinda got word from my Grandad Zeus that we would be alright, but I like to see you lot squirm. What’s left is nothing but looking toward the future. I’m already hearing people say that 2013 is going to be their year. I see nothing wrong with this…I’m all about speaking some shit into existence. The only problem I have is when people have said 2012 will be their year…and 2011…and who could forget 2010 (Oyyy…did my 2010 suck, lol). Every year you have put the good energy out by claiming that this year will be yours…and then it ends up the same. How can that even happen?

I’m not here to bitch at you, my only action is to tell you to switch shit up if you want change. Don’t just claim this will be your year…go ahead and give yourself a list of the things you want to accomplish so that you will have goals. How obtainable should you make them? Well my honest to god answer is we are only bound by our own limits. If you set fourth for it and believe it possible, you can find a way to make it happen. You want to get one hundred dollars…you will get it, because you will do what it takes to get it. Same thing with a million…you just have to know it can happen. I’m sounding preachy again. Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh *plop* ahhh. Look, my point is don’t think you are alone. We here at this company will be doing the same thing and have been since fucking 2011. Every year we strive to get our goals out (well Loveless September got pushed a bit, but we did get that damn site up). As soon as I finish writing this we will be making our annual goals that will make us feel like we are in the right direction.

You know what…fuck it! Here are our main goals for 2013. They aren’t going to fire me…again…I hope. *plop* Okay, here they are.

  1. Get Loveless September to the masses (yeah, I know we are cryptic about it, but it shall be worth it).
  2. The first Loveless Art show needs to have a definite date.
  3. Loveless to be mentioned on television.
  4. $100,000 in our frigging bank account (we’re some poor naked cherubs mate).
  5. Jeff’s ass to be brutally beaten if I notice any of my pistols missing.
  6. Get an epic amount of twitter followers because clearly, me and Psyche have the best twitters on the planet.

And there you all have it. Now, somethings will be added onto and stuff but this is our big list. Don’t believe they work you say. Well last year…we wanted to launch a site on Valentines day…check. Then we wanted to highlight amazing individuals known as the society…check. We then wanted over 100 members in the society…guess what…fucking double check. These things gave us something to strive for and it will work for you whether you want to win an award for your accomplishments or hell get the dust nuggets out your belly button. If it’s a goal, you will do what it takes to make it happen, trust me.

Well I guess this  is the last time you guys will hear from me this year. I’m going to actually be the New Year’s Baby again this year (what can I say, they pay me well) and will be partying with the guy in the video below who wouldn’t let anyone define how far he could climb in his success regardless of the who they doubted. With that said, let me wipe my bum. See you guys next year as we shock the world…hey…where’s the friggin toilet paper.


-Loveless Cupid

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