Twenty Eight (in 3D!!!)

Twenty Eight (in 3D!!!)

Hey guys. I gave Cupid and the guys a day off, for no other reason than it just happens to be my birthday (that sounded more egotistical than it should have). To make up for the lack of cherub wit in this post, I decided to use the most festive image from Loveless, the lost 3D image, lol (We have plans for tons more 3D images as well, that is if you guys like them enough. #spoileralert #loveless3dglasses? lol).

Truth be told though, I’ve never been big on my birthday. Just another day where I can try to continue to become a better me. This year it just happened to fall on Loveless Wednesday, so I thought maybe this wouldn’t happen again for a few years so I may as well say something. I guess I want to use the time to just tell you all…thank you. Seriously.

When I drew Loveless Cupid for the first time, I had no idea what it would grow to become. It was just a simple drawing I did for myself and decided to share. Without everyone and their support, there would be no Loveless. This brand changed my life for the better. I used to be a lazy little guy. But that first drawing changed me, and the support I get from you all continues to make me want to make it grow. Since Loveless has become apart of my life, things just kept getting more amazing by the day. Loveless September is finally up and doing well (and boy oh boy, the next collection is crazy! Go grab a print in the meantime lol). I’ve meet more and more awesome people through the Society, and some kind of way I even found myself on T.V. (Catch Best Ink April 3rd on Oxygen…I’m all about some shameless plugs, lol). Now with extra motivation coming my way this year I’m gearing toward my best year yet. But it’s still not enough…

I’m appreciative of all the great things that I’ve achieved, but I’m nowhere near where I want to be. Not to mention, by the time I’m thirty I wanted to have certain things accomplished. Guess it’s weird because of how on track I am for these things to happen if I keep at my current pace (I’m sure that was a run on sentence…I digress). I know I will get there and it’s because of all of you great people for believing in me, which is good because I believe in you. I made this company in hopes that you guys would give a lot of yourselves because your stories and love are what push it forward. It’s good to see that by watching you guys share who you are, it evolves this brand. Let’s keep this cycle up and continue to inspire. I just want o show people that anything can be done. My story is being documented. By watching me succeed, I know that people can see that it is possible. I have people around me who I’ve seen rise to levels I knew that they could before they even knew. I’m telling you it’s all about believing.

Well, I’ve already talked too much. I just wanted you guys to know that you are my biggest inspiration. Without your encouragement I don’t know where I would be. Here’s to our Loveless Society and the empire we all build. We are the answer. Now let’s party (ok, I don’t party, but you get the idea) and play this musical selection sent to me from Jeff.


Ummm…thanks Jeff, lol. Later guys,

-Loveless Mel

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