Alternative Art

Alternative Art

Hello readers, it’s me… Psyche. I managed to persuade Cupid to let me do the Loveless Wednesday post this week so to take full advantage of the situation, I decided to represent for the ladies. Well, it might interest some of you fellas too, it’s pretty cool stuff..

As you’ll have noticed by now, every Loveless Wednesday means that there’s a new blog post on the site with an original piece of Loveless artwork. It’s our thing, it’s what we do. Well, since the boys put me in charge this week, I wanted to do things a little differently. I wanted to push the boundaries of art and take it to where few thought we would. And that, my friends, is nail art.

Not what you were expecting, right? Well I wanted to see how we could make Loveless so iconic, that it could be recognised by ten simple images painted on an unusual canvas. Rather unsurprisingly, Cupid wasn’t too keen on the idea at first, but once I told him his face would be featured (he’s so goddamn vain, I knew that would work) and that it was all pure art, he reluctantly jumped on board and actually got that Artist guy to create some Loveless magic on the fingers of his lady friend.

The outcome was rather beautiful. Each image was painted by hand with a paintbrush in black acrylic paint. The ten symbols we chose to capture the essence of Loveless were perfect as they represent all the parts of Loveless Society so well. Let me tell you about them…

The left hand;

On the left pinkie finger, we have Cupid’s pistol. Obviously our favorite drunken cherub would be nothing without that, although I’m sure he’d beg to differ. Little known fact, Cupid much prefers his gun to his bow and arrow these days. I guess that’s what we call a sign of the times.

I thought it’d be interesting to put a broken heart on the ring finger, but in hindsight I suppose it’s quite a melancholy choice. I assure you it has nothing to do with personal reasons *shifty eyes*. Rather symbolic of a heart that’s been broken though, don’t you think?

The art wouldn’t be complete without the now iconic Love Bomb, accompanied by it’s ‘boom’ on the middle and first fingers. It was so epic, we had to give it two nails. The Love Bombs represent an explosion of the love that’s inside of you. They also make a great ball for games of catch when you’re feeling confident in your coordination abilities. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

The right hand;

The pinkie finger holds a Love Bullet, quite an essential piece of kit for a gun slinging cherub. He needs some ammo for his toys afterall. They make him feel important. They’re also the key to a successful shooting so this is a bullet you’d actually want to end up in your ass cheek. You might not believe me now, but you will one day.

We couldn’t finish this work of art without including Cupid’s liquor bottle. It’s almost as famous as him these days, plus if that substance gets more than 10 feet away from him he throws a fit *rolls eyes*

Of course, there had to be a heart for all of you romantics out there and because Loveless Society is really all about love. Although, for all of you non believers I made sure it was put on the middle finger so you can still say fuck love if you choose to (until we convert you). [Cupid’s note: I’ll shoot any of you bloody rascals that say that shit out loud. Nobody in my Society says such a thing.]

On the pointing finger, it was only right to have that iconic arrow. Even if Cupid is selective with it’s use, you can aim and shoot as you please.

Despite what I said about Cupid being vain, my favorite nail is actually his little portrait on the thumb. Jeff even gets a feature this time. I think he was starting to feel a bit left out, so I let him have my spot. I can adorn a lovely creatures nails some other time I suppose. [Editor’s note: When Jeff saw his face on a thumb, he choked slightly on his mouthful of pretzel, swallowed and said “das wazzup”. It’s safe to say he was pleased.]

So, ladies (and however many gentlemen made it this far) what do you think of my alternative art idea? I’m pretty positive that the females will appreciate this a lot more than the guys, but I hope that you can all see the art in it and that a canvas can truly be made out of just about anything. It’s kind of like putting tattoos on your nails. With that being said, is this something you might try at home, or shall we just leave it to The Artist and miss Phresh Paints?

I’m gonna go get Cupid’s handsome face put on my middle finger now. It’s kinda symbolic, but don’t tell him I said that.

I know Cupid usually has a lesson or a moral for you all in his Wednesday posts but if you were looking for that today, you’ve got the wrong cherub I’m afraid. I’m sure he’ll be back on top form next week (not only is Cupid vain, he hogs things too *raises middle finger*… Sorry, that was rude).

 You may have noticed that I’m the purveyor of all things cool and stylish, so I’ll catch you the next time I’m allowed to get in on a Loveless Wednesday  post with some magnificence that I just have to share. *blows kiss*

– Loveless Psyche

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