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So I’m just waking up. I was told that I would actually have an off week from the site in order to make my rounds for holiday season romance (instead, I went black Friday shopping, and some girl took me home and had me captive for a few days in a bird cage. Needless to say, it’s been an interesting week). After eating a half burnt pancake, I decide to look at the news (aka, my twitter feed). I open my dm’s to see that the artist for Loveless will be doing the post and needs me to do a foreword. It has been a rule of Loveless that we aren’t supposed to hear from the guy so I’m actually curious to see what he has to say. Regardless, this is said foreword, hope you enjoyed this shit. Whatever I’m sitting on is cold and my acorn sack is stuck to it. Let me attend to that situation and you guys listen to the guy that gives you the pretty visuals for a minute…where’s the spatula?

-Loveless Cupid


Hey everyone. I’ve decided to break the rules of Loveless for one day. I’ve always told myself that this brand is not about me…it’s about you guys, so that’s why I make sure that I stay in the background as much as possible (and I know some of you know me, but that’s beside the point, lol). Today, I thought you guys should hear something straight from me. It’s amazing seeing how much Loveless has grown in the two short years that it has been in existence.  I know you guys only see a few members in the Society, but trust me when I say that we could introduce a new member, every week, for the next year and a half! When I think about what we started, it baffles me at times. I just wanted people to acknowledge what they love and chase it…because when I drew Cupid for the first time… was something that I personally needed to believe at that moment.

Since then it has attracted so many amazing and likeminded people. You guys have no idea how much joy it gives me when I go check on Cupid and Psyche’s twitter pages and see you guys interacting with them (special thanks to those guys as well. I seriously couldn’t imagine Loveless without their dedication and endearing words. They are funny, yet knowledgeable…a very difficult feat for most, but handled so well by these two), or hearing your stories to construct individual’s personal unique Loveless Cherub tattoos, all the way down to just having fun doing the photo-shoots with you guys and goofing off. I’m not just making a few new clients like a regular tattoo artist…I’m making real friends for life. I’ll go above and beyond for anyone with that single symbol of recognition of self on them. I believe anyone brave enough to to chase their dreams will succeed.



The point of me wanting to write you guys is to let you know that I too go through the same challenges that you do. Sure Loveless has brought a nice bit of balance to my life, by being dedicated to helping it grow, but just like you I still face real obstacles. For those that don’t know me, I’m chill as fucccckkkkkk…and I try not let things get to me. I’m especially good at rarely letting any situation get me down. I live by the motto of “things always work out” (I’ve watched way too much Entourage and Vince’s saying is stuck in my cranium, lol). When people meet me, I try to emit tons of positive energy, especially with new Society members. That is mainly because I started just like them; trying to figure out my life purpose and starting with that simple question of what do I love and actually want. So for the most part, I’d say I have it together at times. I’m not perfect, but I’m me and I’m cool with that.

So why am I bringing this up? Well, for those that don’t know me yet again, I’ve taken a break from tattooing to do something that will not only help me, but bring major attention to Loveless. What I did not realize is that one of the calmest, most positive people in the world would be pushed to his very limits. The undertaking that I am doing is pretty hefty and not of the ordinary sort. My main focus was thinking of how it would make Loveless prosper if I could just follow through. What I didn’t know was that it had strict time commitments, with damn near no sleep (no really, there have been days where I slept 2 hours followed by an 18 hour work day). The people involved are the opposite from the calm people I surround myself with, and in turn I felt “out of my element” and unsure of myself as a talented businessman. Not to mention to achieve this feat, I went without contact from people I knew in order to stay on track of the opportunity (that may be the hardest part). I was starting to feel like the world was against me at points and that with such a great opportunity, no matter how bad I wanted it…I was not going to succeed.

I know you’re shocked. The guy that made a brand about being able to achieve anything is now counteracting it’s whole meaning. Trust me, I too was shocked, but nothing was going my way. And a good portion of the days, I just felt alone. For the first time, I didn’t even want to draw…I was creatively zapped and defeated. I actually felt like maybe I wasn’t as good of an artist as I thought. Not only that, Loveless was beginning to suffer a bit because I had no time or means to delegate the tasks. With no direction, no one knew what to do. You can’t be a leader and not lead. Plus I had no time to draw for the posts. Regardless, I made sure the Wednesday posts were up because I refuse to miss any, but everything was piling up on me in a way that I never felt.


So one night, I got to my room and felt particularly defeated after yet another long day. I know that what I was doing was good but it wasn’t being acknowledged in the way that I was accustomed too. I looked in the mirror and at that moment… I wanted to quit. I hadn’t thought something like that in so long. If I quit something, it’s usually to do something better, but no…I really wanted to quit. Fuck the opportunity…I just wanted my fucking life back. I washed the thought away because it’s just not in my DNA. But I still felt low, anticipating more bad than good which was weird considering I was taking this break and giving this opportunity a chance in order to make my life better. The next morning I got a quote from someone who believed in me. It reads as follows…

Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!

-Rocky Balboa

After I laughed at the fact that I just read a Rocky quote, I realized just how right it was. I’ve never been a coward and never a loser. I realized that losing in general is relative. A good failure is just as great as winning because you gain valuable knowledge. At that moment, I knew regardless of the situation, that I couldn’t fail, regardless of the outcome. Loveless was going to get the recognition it needed and people were going to see the fruits of my labor. I took a blow…big deal!!! I’m still in the fight and now I know how to roll with that certain punch. And even bigger yet, I was put in an awesome circumstance and being down about it was not going to help. These little things I was bitching about were nothing in the grand scheme of the world. It was all ego, and thinking what other people would think if I failed. It’s not about other people’s judgment. It’s about me being proud of the person that I am. People who fuck with me will continue to fuck with me. If someone doesn’t like me, then cool, I don’t have to worry about them being around. And just like what Loveless did for me, I’m going to attract more great people to myself if I just continue to stay true.


And with that I held my head up high and decided it’s all about living in the moment and taking advantage of that! I would love to say everything went swimmingly after that, but truth of the matter is I had quite a few more failures, but in turn I had some pretty epic victories. And all of this came from me just wanting to be proud of myself. I’m still in this program. Heck, I’m writing you guys as I look out the window to an amazing view. I willed this stuff to myself and if I don’t enjoy it and be thankful, then the circulation of all this positive energy will stop. Instead, I smile and am grateful for it all, ready to get out there yet again and show how amazing I am. Below is a video I saw of an artist I really admire, so it was cool seeing that he went through a similar situation.


I guess what I’m trying to tell you guys is that I believe in you, just like you believe in me. I’m going to personally show that anything is possible. One day, I will be a rich man because I draw a naked, tattooed cherub with an eye patch. And I want all of you to be witness to it, but not just congratulate me, but take the lesson from it. If he could do it…then so can I!!! I believe in you, whether I’ve met you or not (and if you are in the Society, you know I’m in your corner pushing for you). I just wanted to share something real with you guys. The stuff Cupid and Psyche say is always looked at by me because I want to make sure that we get the right message out (in-between the jokes and swearing lol) but I felt like this coming straight from me would give it a bit more emphasis. If nothing, I hoped this tale touched one person. And know, I am a firm believer in willing stuff to you. I know because I weathered the storm of this latest situation,s0 in turn Loveless will be a hit next year and from here on out. I want you guys to will good fortune to you as well and we here at Loveless will definitely be in your corner.

Sorry for all that writing, lol. Now, I will once again fade to black and continue to draw pretty pictures and look after the posts to make sure Cupid doesn’t say anything too crazy. Thanks for your time good people. Sorry I’m not as funny as the cherubs too. They’ll be back next week.

-Loveless Society

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  1. Jacqui
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    Keep pushing Mel. You got this.

  2. Crissy J

    Hey you… Just read this and couldn’t leave the page without telling how awesome you are and how much of my attention u had when reading this!!! I’ve always known that u were a great individual but not only that… YOURE one of THE BEST persons I have ever came into contact with! I am sooooo freaking proud of u words just can’t explain… You are a TRUE warrior in ur craft and have been blessed with such an awesome talent that you have chosen to not just tattoo people with but be apart of changing their lives in the most beautiful way that will stay with them foreverrrrr (run on sentence I know lol) from reading this and our personal talks ur lowest points r soooo past you in this realm and you cannot and will not go anywhere but up!!! All in all thanks for not only being one of my favorite tattoo artist but a great friend as well… Always stay humble and be nothing short of what you were destined to be and that the BEST!!! I always leave your presence with a positive energy and a great feeling of love in our “loveless society” Much love always – Crissy J


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