Beautiful Sin-ergy

Beautiful Sin-ergy

In case you didn’t know, Loveless Society also has masterpieces in the form of paintings. We’re not a one dimensional company you know.

Recently, our very own Loveless Erica, who I introduced you lucky bastards to last week (I know you guys were diggin her) bought the first ever Loveless painting.

This particular painting was done for the Halloween Art Show at the City of Ink in Atlanta, GA last year. It’s named “Beautiful Sin-ergy”, to represent the little devil that Psyche is portraying on the canvas. Sometimes, even when we’re good, it’s okay to be a little bad. There is no set way to live…rules are limitations. Do what makes you happy…hopefully this doesn’t land you good people in too much trouble (don’t be like me…be better than me). Break free of restraints. Your individuality is always the shit that you gotta embrace. Now as for the painting, I myself thought it was pretty darn beautiful, but then again, I think anything involving Psyche is beautiful.

Anywho, the main point I’m trying to make here, is that Loveless Erica is the proud owner of the first Loveless Painting to ever exist on this planet you and I call home. Pretty darn special if you ask me.

The Artist said it couldn’t have gone to a better home. He’s kinda soft, so he says soppy shit like that. I just think it’s dope that Psyche looks sexy as hell in it and somebody’s gonna have it on their wall… Actually, wait a minute. That means people are gonna see sexy Psyche everyday. I shoulda bought that fuckin painting! Argh! Let me go holla at that Artist guy right quick… Later you lot. Enjoy the pics. (But not too much, that’s my woman you’re looking at!)

– Loveless Cupid

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