Hi all. I’m going to keep this one short and sweet… I’m going through a moment of clarity. Sitting here, watching the President give his acceptance speech, it’s hard not to think about triumph. I’m not just talking about the triumph of this amazing ale I have in my hand,  as my feets dangle over the couch…no no…I’m talking about the personal triumphs that you lot have throughout your lives. Week in and week out, through more sober moments…or just moments of heightened realization through my substance concoctions, you always see me telling you how great you are and that your moment to shine, after following what you love, will inevitably come. But I’ve never addressed what to do…when your time does arise.

After willing the impossible and proving all of your doubters wrong, you get to a point where you know that you are at the most critical point of your goal. Maybe you are about to give a presentation to the biggest client that your brand has ever had, or you have finally landed the last audition for the promotion you have worked years to receive, or it could be as simple as finally getting the smile from the person who has secretly held your heart for months. This moment comes, and after all this time, you feel something that your chase for greatness has made you forget…and that is the now unfamiliar feeling of uncertainty.

This uncertainty is a form of fear. What you have to do is remember what got you here. Your drive to have the life that you want is your greatest asset. So when this moment comes…get your fucking pistol (I have two if you need one) and BLAST AWAY AT YOUR BULLSEYE!!! There are no excuses! You are the captain of your vehicle and things will come to you in perfect ways. Even if you feel as if you failed, know that that was just not it and that your amazing time will come. Never stop fighting and of all things, when the opportunity comes…don’t fear it… embrace it. Enjoy the journey and smile as you watch your personal legend come to life!!!

I’m so goddamn hype!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh nevermind…It’s naptime. Go take aim for your goals and remember when that time comes, squeeze that bloody trigger! Where’s my teddy? Zzzzzz…..

-Loveless Cupid

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