Hey guys, it’s Psyche here this time. I decided to give Cupid the night off (after I managed to pry his stubby Cherub fingers from the computer) and get involved with this blogging stuff myself.

Well, my normal ritual while checking emails is simple… If I don’t know who it is and the subject isn’t specific, it gets deleted.  It is what it is. Every so often Cupid sends me links to check out, mostly porn.  So of course when I see his name in my inbox I roll my eyes and click delete.  Considering that he is my ex, there are times I hate to admit that he might know me… a little bit.  He sent me an email titled, “I Will Always Love You BUT DON’T DELETE THIS EMAIL.”  I was humored by the title so I obliged.  I opened it and there was a link for this site,

Of course considering all of the “caking” that Cupid does I was still reluctant to click…but I did.   What did I find?  A female that personifies everything that I fight and stand for!?!?!  Considering that I am the goddess of the soul, I know a thing or two about passion and drive.  I believe the owner of the site is Kia Rene (that would make a beautiful name for a goddess. I have a hook up in making this happen. Lemme know if you’re interested.)  It is evident from the first post that I saw that we share a love for tattooed  beings… Mine of the godly nature and hers of the worldly.

I truly wish I was able to try out some of the fashion styles that Kia wears oh so flawlessly, but I kind of have to remain naked.  It’s part of the job. *shrugs and prays for my creator to think about it*

Take a minute to visit the site, comment and let her know what you think.  It hurts to admit, but I am grateful for Cupid’s suggestion.  I will definitely be a regular.

Thank you for fearlessly posting your style and interests.  We need more people like you in society… Actually, eff that.  We need more people like you in our Loveless Society.


– Loveless Psyche

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