Cupid’s Confession

Cupid’s Confession

Every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him.” – Henry Miller

Hi kids. Cupid here. I got a story to tell you. Sit indian style and shut up cause I’m only going to say it once. This story is loosely based on what may be some real life shit. There was once an artist. He would eventually make a name for himself in the art world by drawing tattooed cherubs that helped people realize the things they loved and would invigorate a journey to their personal happiness. What many people didn’t know was all this started from…like with many great things…a break up.  who knows? Take from it what you will.

The artist took his split a bit hard, but it was life. He knew keeping his mind off of it would help the initial feelings pass. Instead of sulking the artist drew…from his emotions. Before his break up he was supposed to get a tattoo of a ‘bad cupid” who had trouble finding real love, but had finally gotten it right. He didn’t get the tattoo because it didn’t seem to fit anymore. So one day he decided he should draw the cupid…it looked Loveless. People saw the drawing and related to the raw emotion of the sad looking Cupid who looked defeated by the world he was supposed to make loving. People wanted more.

Eventually the artist saw that they all related to the drawings of the tattooed cherubs in different ways, thus he felt he needed to have individual cherubs represent each person. He saw it was bigger than just relationships. The cherubs represented what these people desired. In essence it was a reminder of what they loved. The cherubs served as reminders to chase what you love …almost like they were protecting the person’s love.

The artist felt accomplished by being able to help people but even to this day knows that he can and will do more as legend tells it. He constantly tells people that even when you feel you are at your lowest, you can reassess your passions and really begin to change your life. These low points can actually be blessings in disguise if you utilize them to pursue a positive change. It doesn’t even have to be your lowest point…any time is a good time to start to chase the life you want, but it starts with really looking at yourself and analyzing what makes you happy. The artist lives a life of positivity knowing that so many people are touched by his work, but he too is growing with the people to find that ultimate happiness.

I tell this story because you are not alone. You guys are all human (well I’m a cherub, but I digress..) and thus have passions. It can be scary to want to chase them as the world tells you it is not safe. Know that you can have anything you want…perfect occupation…perfect spouse…perfect house, etcetera. Loveless will be there to push you every step of the way. Just look down at your cherub…it will not lie to you. You will become what you desire to be. It’s already been written and the ending is perfect.

– Loveless Cupid

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