Dreams and Inspirations show

Dreams and Inspirations show


I am still hungover from the epicness that was last Friday night. In case you haven’t been listening to my ramblings lately, Friday was the 4th…err *counts fingers* 5th anniversary of the City of Ink Tattoo Parlour in Atlanta, GA. Those guys have always been a big supporter of your favorite eye-patched loverboy, so it was good to show my face and pop a couple bottles with cheerful people (to the girl that took me home…thank you…I loves you so much).

The show was themed around dreams and inspirations…and if you have read Loveless Explained, (if you haven’t, click it now before I get real mad…) we’re all about about you chasing your dreams, so this was the easiest thing ever to endorse. Somebody was really inspired by boobs because there was a lot of art with that… *slow tear of happiness*

If you missed out, it’s ok, you know Cupid isn’t going to leave you out. As you can see, I’ve included a few images from the show including the now popular piece with me and my love Psyche  – “I need you..” It is actually a 3D piece, so yes…we are practically floating in that bowl. What you guys don’t know is that it’s an old image from my beautiful relationship…I will have her back…I know she loves me still *takes a shot of vodka* What was I saying…something about chicken tenders right? No!? Man, why we not talking about chicken tenders! This is bullshit…I’m hungry! (I’ve been hanging with Jeff too much clearly)


Thanks to everyone who came (shit, thanks to everyone who wanted to come). Enjoy the art and remember to follow your dreams…and hell…inspire.

– Loveless Cupid


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