I wrote this for you

I wrote this for you

Hi Society lovers. It’s Psyche this time. Cupid let me take the blog reigns today cause I’ve been in writing mode. I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately, and when it’s truly gonna find me. I mean, what Cupid and I had was special, but I don’t know if that’s it for me, I know that the truest form of love is out there waiting to find me so for now, I’ll wait. I’ve entitled this piece, Just Wait. I wrote it for you. Let me know if you feel what I’m saying…


Been looking for you for a while now.

Started writing your name to the bottom of scrolls many moons ago,

Waiting for events to unfold…

Epic and life changing.

Where you would find me

In a case of serendipity…


I’m still waiting.

But I will wait.


I’m so sure of your existence,

Even when I go to sleep with a heavy heart and tears soak the pillow and blur my sight,

Even when I pray for clarity with the morning light,

I know you’re there…


So I wait.


When square one is my home,

And returning there is so familiar, I’m unable to roam

much further than a few blocks,

That are retraced when the tides turn and the boat begins to rock…


Still, I wait.


Even when I’ve been misled and confused,

Walked miles around your mind in high heeled shoes,

My emotions abused.

When we spent amazing times together and you disappeared from view,

I blamed myself for it all.

Waiting hours by the phone wondering why you didn’t call.

Still, I knew you were there.

Waiting for me, as I wait for you.


So, I wait.


Even when I’ve felt I wasn’t good enough and blamed myself for your ways,

Forgetting that a man’s speciality is unemotional games

That make my flame,


And your unconscious manipulation completes

The cycle…


I wait


The fact that I have the power to birth life’s greatest love,

That generations are begun within the walls of my trust,

Leaves me safe.

Safe in the knowledge our love has been sewn

Into stars who’s futures are yet to be shown,

So my faith is anchored in this tale to be told

Because I know,

It’s been written…


Thus, I wait.


My faith in premature memories of our life together,

How you proposed, our marriage and promises of forever.

I know you will be this.

Which is why my patience endures while my soul continues to miss,

Your presence.


I will wait.


I will wait for your return knowing our actions weren’t in vain,

That you’ll save me from all of the times you caused me pain,

And all that will remain,

Is us.


So we wait.


Because our love?


It’s coming.


Just. Wait.


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