Loveless Free

Loveless Free

Cupid: Cheers…let me finish waking up miss. The morning tinky is essential. 

Free: Good morning sunshine…

C: Morning beautiful. Do you want a bite of my breakfast burrito?

Free: Depends…what’s on it? I’m rather picky about what I put in my mouth.

C: I…can’t…really…tell. It all has seemed to melt into each other making this weird lime green color. I’m sure that’s an egg in the corner? Probably should just leave this to me.

Free: haha…weird lime green…sounds like a new crayola crayon…yea sunshine I will leave that to you.

C: Do you call me sunshine because of my silky blonde curls?

Free: I call anyone that gives me a warm happy vibe sunshine…but we can say that I call you that because of your silky blonde curls…to make it more personal for you 😉

C: I’ll take that. I woke up and there was a corndog in it…half eatin’…with a little ketchup on it. Thought I was done for when I saw all the red on my hand. I decided to just sleep it off before even finding out what it was from. Don’t judge me and the way I live my life…

Free: I am over here cracking up from your gross food stories…I appreciate your detailed honesty…I can appreciate an honest cherub. Note to self…never take food offered from you…unless you know the source, lol.

C: It’s all Jeff’s fault. My stomach has grown an inner lining made of kryptonite to offset it. And I don’t know when I digested kryptonite…all I know is Superman never likes being around me. I got him Lois and he won’t even let me come over and play bloody poker. I’m gonna shoot that curl off his head one day…

Free: Jeff always gets blamed for things…I’m sure you are just as much a trouble maker. So you are the man behind Lois and Superman…he’s pretty crazy about her and she clearly has a thing for men with curls…or a curl I should say. So maybe it’s best you stay away…lol.

C: Don’t feel sorry for Jeff. We got evicted for two days because he wanted to buy a jetpack (note* jetpack did not save him from vicious cherub ass whooping…pardon my french. He is currently paid up three months in advance). And it’s hard for a guy with one curl to get a girl, trust me…it was not easy, especially when you have steel skin and love bullets bounce off and such.

Free: Does he still have the jetpack? I’ve always wanted one of those things…I priced one before on Ebay or was it Amazon…who knows. You have an aggressive side I see…I guess it comes with the territory..either’s a good look for I think I have steel skin as bullets bounce off of me too.

C: I shot the jetpack and Jeff exploded…it was a beautiful sight. I wept…slightly. But Jeff’s all immortal and shit. He was making spaghetti an hour later. And I have to be aggressive when I see pretty girls like you and notice that my love bullets seem to not be working. It’s time for us to dive into everything that is Free. Explain to us who you are so we can get to the bottom of this intriguing mystery…

Free: Lol…your cherub violence is entertaining to me..but that’s only because you all are immortal. So I can laugh about it without feeling bad.

Hmm…the mystery of Free…

Who is Free…she is a woman that enjoys cartwheels on a sunny day…the smell of old books…I have a plethora of coloring books. I believe Alice in Wonderland was me in another life. That story just feels like I’ve been there before. I am a lover of anything artistic…I am the quiet girl that you will find in a corner with a book or with headphones on. I am rather shy…but my corniness and clumsiness make up for it.

C: Which means…you’re perfect. Sorry I couldn’t help it. It’s funny, you have the looks to attract so many, but an attitude that is even more alluring. It seems like you would be rude considering said flawless features. I mean you look like a fashion model and we know how their reputations are most of the time. But in reality you seem to be someone who is interested in the wonders of the untold world…you know, the simple joys that many take for granted and that makes your smile shine even brighter. I find it hard to believe that you are shy. Care to speak on it?

Free: Let me just say if I was an egotistical person those words of yours would have made my head so floaty 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. My shyness comes from my childhood experiences. I was not the most popular kid growing up. I was the nerd…the girl who got teased and pushed around. So I was always a little leery when it came to introducing myself to people. My shyness protects me for the most part but I do have a dominant side to me…so sometimes she locks up shyness and she shows her face. I guess that comes with growing up and finding yourself.

C: Well my words are true. Any person can see your beauty. The beauty of a shy girl radiates even more because I feel that the eyes say so much. Words cannot communicate what the soul can. And I can understand, the nerdy shyness. It seems that many people I interview have come across this. But the beautiful thing is how each and everyone of you grow into something so great that it attracts so many. My guess is that since you were able to manifest who you were and nurtured it instead of trying to fit in and further going away from who you are, that you were able to blossom in to a unique being that many people are intrigued to know the story of. That goes hand in hand with the way you enjoy life I think.

Free: I do appreciate the simple joys of life…when was the last time you touched a tree…a leaf…felt the wind blow on your skin…when was the last time any of us allowed our senses to just enjoy themselves. I try to allow myself that experience with mother nature as often as possible. I’m always touching on trees and nature..I’m sure it looks quite freaky or weird to most people..some random girl feeling all up on nature like

C: I can understand loving nature. It gives so much energy to us if we take it in. I mean one night after heavy drinking, I woke up in a birds nest…sack atop some eggs. More comfortable than I care to admit. Free in a sense…sorry had to do it. 🙂

Free: Ah I see now…so whenever I see traces of blonde hair in a bird’s nest I will know that you have been there…drunk and sleeping on little birdy eggs. I was wondering how long it would take before you made a clever joke with my name…good one sunshine 🙂

I do find it funny that people find me interesting…it still blows my mind…

I’m just some girl…nothing more or less…just trying to find my path along the way without losing my true self.

C: As long as your true self stays constant, you will attract people that will make you grow. I think we should call you Sunshine. Your hair is all golden and cute like a hidden treasure. I bet girls wish they could make it look all amazing like you. How long have you had the doo?

Free: That’s what I want to do…I want to continue attracting those that will inspire me to grow and stretch my wings…no one has ever called me sunshine before. I like it 🙂

You know I am surprised when girls come up to me and compliment my hair. I am not use to friendly females. I appreciate their kind words. It’s the guys that drive me nutty. Their first comment is something on the lines of Amber Rose…who is gorgeous but she is not my inspiration for my hair cut. I have had my hair this short for about 3 years now. I had to cut my golden curls off once my little sister got her favorite gum all in my hair while I was sleeping…kids I tell ya.

C: I have gum in my hair right now, so I understand the plight. It is a really attractive style. Your style in general is pretty impeccable. It’s hard not to notice your choice for Loveless Cherubs. I’ve seen many, but this one seems to tell a really detailed story. I’m sure we are all dying to know what that story may be.

Free: I’m starting to think you wake up with all the food groups already on your body or in close proximity to you…lol. And thank you, I like my hair cut a lot. It allows me the opportunity to play in the rain a lot more now that I don’t have to worry about my hair getting wet.

Ah the story of my Loveless Cherubs…it’s an interesting story indeed. I was searching for a way to tell my story…took me two years to find someone and my did the story turn out beautiful in ink.

C: We’re all ears… *leans in closer*

Free: So I have this love hate relationship with love…it’s a battle of the mind versus the heart. Those two rarely meet eye to eye and after a bad break up..the Mind pretty much was running things.

I started doing a little self therapy via books…(I’m a book worm) and I realized that I can’t deny myself love. It’s like saying you wanna breathe but because the air isn’t it’s purest you rather just stop breathing. It’s not possible. Denying love isn’t possible. So I’m trying to find my balance in it all…my yin and yang with love.

And that’s where my loveless cherubs come into play. I have two on my back..both girls. One is me when I had hair she is Yin – the more passive one…colder one…she’s the moon. then there is the one with the short hair which is me now…she is the model (yes I model as a hobby)…she’s the sun…the positive one. They are both intertwined holding on to a love yin yang bomb…while standing on my heart which is in a glass box with no lock…no way to get to it…you can just see it.

They are my protectors…they are my guides…my professors. When I am feeling down or hurt…confused…happy…loved. I look to them and I say thank you…because there is always a lesson in whatever they send my way.

I feel like I’m rambling…are you still there 🙂

C: I’m soaking in these words! This is so great. You really gave so much of yourself in this image. The differences of the two and how they perfectly balance you out is like some type of perfect puzzle of sorts.

Free: I’m not much of a talker…so when I start going it feels weird and I’m like wait should I slow down…I’m weird. My artwork on my back is indeed a puzzle…No one can just look at it and say “oh that’s nice”…everyone wants to know the story because it’s so detailed. This art is my story…a story that is happening right now. So it’s a living tattoo.

I am not very balanced…I am very much random but my tattoo feels like I’m finally starting to get this love thing…at least the basics down…

C: I like that. And I like both sides of you. Actually, I’m in love. I want them both to be mine. Who would you recommend I chose? Or is it imperative that they both are kept together for the grand being that is you?

Free: Ha! Yin would give you a run for your money…she’s a firecracker! She thinks she runs everything because she wears high boots, hoop earrings and carries love bullets…then there’s Yang she’s such a sensual free spirit. I don’t think you would want to separate them…you definitely would have to love on them both.

C: That’s all I wanted to hear *grins…real hard* The combo of them both makes the wonderful you and that is all we could ever want. Well this has been the highlight of my day. I’m sure that the Society will love having you as it’s newest member. You fit in perfectly with us who feel that following what you love will only make you better. I see I’m going to have to be on the search for you so I’m going to buy some special love bullets. Any final words before we get outta hear?

Free: This has been the highlight of my hour…I appreciate the chat. As for those special love bullets that you are going to find, I would suggest looking for those bullets they used in Afro Samurai Resurrection…you need some strong like that. My final words would have to be…Love yourself first…if you don’t really love yourself you can never love another..Spend some time with yourself…date yourself. Oh and I always enjoy sharing my hobby with people so if anyone wants to see my work they can find it here …and I guess that’s it Loveless.

C: Amazing, amazing. Twitter? I’m sure we all want to follow up on all your epicness. Now you have me wanting to challenge Afro for that number one head band. Surely I’d win.

Free: Ah yes, my twitter! thank you…my twitter name is @GoldieBlonde and my awesome tumblr is Good luck with that Number one head band challenge 😉

C: It’s already as good as got. Well let’s get outta here. Drinks on me…as long as you help me figure out the mystery of how this gum got in my hair.

Free: It’s a deal then…

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