Head On..

Intense picture is it not? No worries…no handsome drunken cherubs were hurt in the process of what you see above. Besides, it’s just a love bullet. The same one I’ve grown accustomed to launching at my latest targets. It is a beautiful thing once it contacts you…if you can handle everything that comes with it. Beyond anything else, my number one complaint I usually receive from people is that they do not believe in love, so I better not have anything pointed toward them, or they’ll shove it up my bum. After I pistol whip them due to my inability to take threats, I try to explain to them that it is not love they are afraid of…but themselves.

You want me to elaborate huh? Well hold up…I’m eating tacos.

nom, nom, nom..


*sips wine*

*washes dishes*

*pistol whips Jeff for using a newly washed dish and not rewashing it*

*clips toenails*

*sweeps up toenails*

*comes back*

Now as I was saying, we are the true problem. We hate love because we know that more than anything, it hurts when things go wrong. So the easy solution is to just shy away from it. So one goes about trying to pretend like their feelings are rock solid, when in actuality, they are the most fragile of all and are almost looking for a reason why love should fail. The people who chose to love are risk takers…and if you didn’t know, risk takers fucking rule the world. It takes big gorilla balls to break from the norm and go a path that the world deems not safe. Playing it safe will give you only a certain amount of potential. That’s with any fucking thing in life ladies and gents. It is the risk takers in fact that sit there and raise the roof (you wanted to do the dance didn’t you…go ahead, I won’t tell, even if the maintenance men look at you funny while you’re working at your desk. Look at them dead in the face and raise your roof proudly) of their possible potential. You think my buddy Bill(ion) Gates would be so prosperous if he played it safe and was just an IT-consultant making only possibly six figures a year? Well he makes eleven figures off of his risks. I’ll say it paid off, but it wouldn’t of ever happened if he didn’t at least try.

Let’s back up and relate this to love in general. How will you ever find it if you don’t give it a chance? You saying you don’t believe in love is the equivalent of Bill saying maybe his computer ideas probably wouldn’t catch on (ok Mac users, I’ll allow you to say Jobs as well, I know you want too). You have to put your past to the side…and willingly step in front of that bullet some of the time. It’s essential if you want this great life that you deserve. I was watching this amazing video by Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid. In it, a boy is running from a world that won’t let him live the way he wants too. He sees society for what it is and his running symbolizes his growing strength to do something about it. One of the song’s lines say it best, “Run boy run! Break out from Society!”


I’m not excluding myself from this talk. I too have run from my feelings for too long. What do I want? And what am I willing to do to have it? Only time will tell.. but let’s all take this journey together and shit. Next time don’t aim at my bloody face though. A shot in the fucking bum is just as effective…jeez.

Loveless Cupid

ps- Don’t forget to wake me up when September ends…

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