I Went to the Country, Got Bit by a Donkey.

I Went to the Country, Got Bit by a Donkey.

No really, Paco fucking bit my finger! This jackass thought I had food.. or was food? In his defense, I had just given him some shit to munch on (corn an apples), so why wouldn’t Billy Finger be on the menu? Ha! Nah, he was a cool donkey tho.  I got to watch him run free and he did all those gnarly donkey kicks. Really quite fascinating.

For someone who rarely leaves the perimeter, going to Jasper, Georgia was indeed a field trip. What the fuck is Pickens County? Still not sure, but I went to this awesome bargain store and copped some dope-ass records. Stevie; Earth, Wind & Fire; Sly and the Family Stone, to name a few. It was quite a fresh of breath air in the mountains. It reminded me a lot of New Hampshire or parts of Vermont: absolutely beautiful and simple. I can’t wait to return and hit a swim hole or maybe bite Paco’s finger.

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  1. Terry
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    Better to get bit… I got kicked by a donkey when I was a kid. No b/s, woke up in my cousin crib like “wtf happend?” Lol Great flicks as usual. Really like the one of the 2 dogs!


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