‘love and stuff’ – illusion

‘love and stuff’ – illusion

There is nothing worse than a little emo cherub.  I spent many months soul searching after she broke my heart.  What I felt for her was so real.  She made me feel loved in a way no one else ever  had.  As her feelings became more and more withdrawn, I felt more and more betrayed, not just by her, but by love itself.  Feeling betrayed by a deep-seeded belief is a much more painful experience.  It has a way of leading you to question everything.
Was her love for me ever real?  Is love real?  Was it created in the ways of religion which are meant to give all things meaning and purpose, provide guidance and insight?  Is it beyond all of this?  I suggest that, perhaps, it is an essence.  Something far beyond our senses, our thoughts, our comprehension.  The more we seek to define what ‘love’ is, we constrict its meaning and therefore diminish its truth.
Most seek out and see ‘love’ in physical form and/or symbolism.  The ideal mate, the gesture of physical gifts, sex, the elaborate proposal, the grand wedding.  Don’t get me wrong, these things can be great.  I am simply asking you to open your mind to the possibility that love is beyond, behind and around all these things, however, it is NOT these things.  Therefore what we think IS love, IS the illusion.
Love is everywhere, is everything.  Once you are able to see this, you will realize that seeking love is not necessary because you, yourself, are those things you are looking for.
Love and stuff,
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