Loveless Katie

Loveless Katie

Cupid: So I heard you had a birthday party quite recently. Thanks for the invite…

Katie: wait a damned minute..I heard you didn’t travel to NYC *side eye*

C: Who told you that? What you think these wings are for?! I’d fly anywhere for you my love.

K: I mean..I just wouldn’t want you to get tired in the name of Katie Mack…

C: Getting tired in the name of Katie Mack sounds like my kinda workout…

K: Music to my ears. My mind undoubtedly lives in the gutter…you should probably know that…

C: That’s why you seem so familiar. Obviously our minds have met in said gutter.

K: LOLOL another reason why I love you so…

C: I love you more. Hope you know that.

K: Quit it. I don’t care for blushing much.

C: Enough of this, you’re bringing out my sensitive side.

K: Ok…man up Cupid darling..

C: While your cheeks calm down, did you get the gift that my handsome face adorned?

K: OMG. I cried. Hard. It was very unexpected. It meant a lot.

C: It was a very covert operation indeed.

K: Yea..I know *side eye*

C: You know, you’re one of my favourite people because of the way you love me and those other loveless guys. Just why is it that you love us so much?

K: Well said. Ok yes..well I happen to feel that “love”…actual real LOVE, is extinct. When Loveless came to be…when YOU came to be, a flicker of hope came about. That maybe, just maybe…it can happen to me. To be able to create my visual of what love looks like in my mind, with the use of you and those who look up to you…is important to me.

C: Woah. I almost got lost in the beauty of that answer. I’m glad that it could attract someone as wonderful as you. In fact, tell me more about wonderfulness. I want to know as much as I can about you, seeing as you know me so well…

K: Don’t be trying to say stuff to woo me LOL.

C: I don’t think I need to try too hard with that one, I’ve already woo’d you, have I not?

K: Ha. Touche. That you have darling. Ok want to talk about me…I think I am quite boring actually…My life consists of reading books #SuperGeekShit. Acting, writing, directing, producing…creative stuff.

C: Well, none of that sounds boring to me. Tell me more about the acting. What does Katie Mack do?

K: Ok, so this is the part where I give you my bio…lmao. Ok cool. KMackBrand is something I created to hopefully inspire people to be themselves and to expand out of the box that they may or may have not consciously be in. “Be Inspired. Be You.” Do what your heart keeps bothering you to do. You want to act. Be obsessed. Do it. Make it work. Find a way to be authentically you at all times. That’s for anyone and any thing. Not just creatives. But if you ARE a creative at heart…be that. People need more creativity and art and beauty in their lives.

C: That sounds like my kind of movement. You know I’m all about letting my true self show. I mean, I live my life in the buff. Doesn’t get much truer than that…

K: Let me tell you something… I aspire to live in the buff. I hate clothes. That’s why I love going home. ALL NAKED EVERYTHING! Too much? LOL My bad.

C: I’m telling you, this life is what it’s all about. Letting your balls hang freely is about the best feeling in the whole entire world.

K: *plucks them*

C: *single tear* ouch. They’re so sensitive. How about we  move this conversation away from my little testes…

K: bwahahaha!

C: *cradles sack*

K: I’s sorry – it wasn’t supposed to hurt!

C: Is this how you treat all the men that adore you?

K: You sure you wanna go there?

C: Of course.

K: Ok fine. This is the cynical and jaded part of KMack. I don’t know if I even know what someone “adoring me” would look like. Hence my fascination with you all over my body. I think Love it supposed to look a certain way. It’s supposed to evoke wonderment, excitement, amazement, delight. You do that to me.

C: Beautiful women are always adored by someone. They just don’t always know it.

K: I have to agree.



C: I mean you always have a smile on your face, your style is impeccable and the best part is that you always have a witty comeback.

K: *looks around*

C: Look in the mirror fo I get mad! I’m talking to you Katie Mack!!!

K: ……..*glances in mirror quickly*. Ok Fine. Well darling. I am an actor…so the smile, the attire, the comebacks…all character work *take dat take dat*. It’s all automatic.

C: So what’s the real you then?

K: Shit. Well uhhh. OK fine. Only bc of you I will tell. I’m actually quite fragile and use all my interests and obsessions to keep me occupied. I’m a nerdy, awkward and clumsy girl who’s scared of bugs and love. I find comfort in writing ( I think I’m pretty good at it. I can get some co-signers for that if you’d like) and I find comfort in acting. Stage is the only place I feel I can be myself…vulnerable. Odd, considering I can’t stand being in front of a camera. I find comfort in creating and think that using my pain specifically – provides me with some kind of beauty. And I’m obsessed with mascara. #GirlyShit

C: This is all beautiful because this is the actual you. The persona you display on camera may have people tricked into thinking you’re more like the characters you play. Does your Loveless cherub portray this?

K: I don’t mind that they think that *ponders this*. My cherubs..I can’t even say I have a favorite of the 3..but they all do. The first one…the twins, def represent this. Brother and sister. Brother holding his sister’s hand to try and reinforce her faith in love. She’s had it but he is her beacon of hope. And they are SO adorable.

The second, the protector of my lovebomb/seven continents (my world) is protecting my world from the hand of fear that is hovering over it. The fear is my fear of success changing my authentic me.

And the little protector of ME. Conveniently on my back of my right shoulder – is looking at anyone that tries to come at me sideways in the name of love. He has my back. His arrows are real.

C: You just gave us so much *single tear* (and not from scrotum flick).

K: I am sure I will regret this *wipes your tear and flicks it*

C: Never will you regret this honesty. It’s helped me compile all of the notes I need to find you a real live protector.

K: Hmmm.

C: The arrows are burning a hole in my quiver. I can’t wait to start shooting for you.

K: I can’t help but to wonder what you will come up with. Can he be taller than me with great teeth, chocolatey skin, a sense of humor, and be a creative? Just saying.

C: None of that will even matter because one day his arrow will have gotten you…but alas yours will be even deeper in him. It’s going to be everything that you ever wanted. And you know the funny thing?

K: Hmmm I like way this sounds. Do tell…

C: He is going to read this little interview one day…look at you, hold you…kiss you then smile…so you know it’s real…

K: I wait with bated breath *swoons*

C: Great. hold this bomb with a little heart on it until that fateful day.

K: Why does it sound like you are leaving me =(

C: Well my dear, if we should hope to find this guy for you I must prepare my weapons for the quest. True love awaits.. to protect you, and all of your tomorrows. 

K: My cheeks hurt from smiling.

C: Keep ’em that way. I don’t ever want to see you frown. 

K: Yea me frowning is like Celie crying from The Color Purple. #NotAGoodLook

C: Me and you shall never part… That’s the way it’ll be love. I’m here for you always.

K: I love you Cupid. You give me the brightest hope. I do hope at the very least that you have found me somewhat interesting to talk to darling.

C: I love you more beautiful spirit. I always find you interesting to talk to. I miss flirting with you on twitter. Brighten my day more often, won’t you? 

K: I have noted my chaotic mind to stalk you more on Twitter

C: I’ll speak to you very soon. But before we go, is there anything you’d like to tell the readers? Social media links, website addresses maybe?

K: Ahh yes…My production company site is Keep up to date with me behind the camera. KMackBrand is being updated to fabulousness in the autumn of 2012: That’s acting and all things creative. Twitter: @Kmackbrand

C: Well, let the Katie stalking begin… You stay inspired too. And keep believing in Love. Thanks for being the first interview since the relaunch! Good day, fair lady

K: *muah*

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