Loveless Kenny

Loveless Kenny

Psyche: Well well…Look at who we have here…Mr. Smarty Pants on Twitter.

Kenny: I could say the same thing. How are we Ms. Lack of Anger Management?

P: Hmph!

K: Not a smarty pants just a stern truth teller. πŸ˜›

P: I am actually in a really amazing mood tonight. How are you doing?

Stern truth teller…ha.

K: Fantastic, just spent the evening with my lovely wife for her birthday. Yes, Stern truth teller.

P: OH!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (tell her NOT in a stern voice though).

K: She says, Thank You.

P: Sounds like you’re pretty awesome at this husband thing! I think you’re the first husband that I have interviewed. I’d flirt, but I am a lady…during the week.

K: I try to be. Far from perfect, but I try… Glad to be your first, and I appreciate it. No drama for me please! Also, fighting Cupid in his drunk jealous rage isn’t fun I assume.

P: I got Cupid in check. (He’s going to feel some kind of way about this statement. Good!)

K: *Laughs* Fair enough.

P: How did you hear about Loveless?

K: My wife actually. She is an internet and tattoo junkie. She showed me Loveless in it’s earlier stages and I knew I had to be apart of it.

P: You say she is a tattoo junkie, so you’re not?

K: Oh, I am also. I’m far from done with my journey, I love them like crazy. Every tat I have has a very important meaning to me. My most important and favorite is my Loveless piece.

P: Yeah, tell me about it! I have to admit, the gorilla with the bow tie?? I need an explanation.

K: Yeah, I am the self proclaimed Monkey King. I love monkeys!

P: ~yelps~ MONKEY KING!!?!? What is it about monkeys? I just started to crave a banana…

K: Planning on getting a tattoo to further show my love. What is it about monkeys you ask? That’s hard to explain…You should go get you one. I had banana ice cream tonight it was delicious. I digress.

P: Oh…This is REAL! Hmm…Go get me a monkey or banana? I have Jeff though.

K: Oh, a Jeff sounds like fun.

P: ~sigh~ I’d be lying if I said that he doesn’t serve his purpose every once and a while.

K: But, monkeys are something you can take home. Look at Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

P: I loved that movie! Are you into Sci-fi?

K: Monkeys real life! And, whoa you just said you needed Jeff. Now that’s scary! Yes, big on Sci-fi and Japanese anime.

P: Tell anyone and just know…I know how to find you! Finish telling us about your Loveless, by far one of the most creative.

K: I won’t tell. Maybe…My Loveless came about again because of my wife. (If you can’t tell, she’s my world). My Loveless is the exact opposite of hers. He is a hunter. A zombie hunter… Pretty bad ass if you ask me.

P: Awww…

K: Such a woman response, lol. I kid… I kid. But we think the world will end with a zombie apocalypse.

P: Tell me about your wife!!! Your WORLD! I need to know about this woman! How did you meet?

K: I always tell my wife if it were so that she would end up getting bitten and I would chop her head off because I love her that much! What about my wife? She’s amazing in real life, she deals with me. We met actually at work. When I first spoke to her she acted snobby.

P: Snobby??

K: I never thought we would end up together or ever talking to each other beyond that first day. Yes, snobby. I can’t say what I really thought she was, let’s say she was a witch. Well…not really. Kinda.

P: Wait…I just understood what you said. So, because you love her you’d kill her…again?

K: Sorry that you didn’t get it the first time. Yes, I would kill her again.

P: Hey!! Smarty, chill. It takes a moment. I’m handling broken hearts and shit over here.Thankfully that isn’t something you have to worry about. So, what happened to change your view on her?

K: Wasn’t being smart that time. At least I know the world is in good hands with you on the job. We ended up working on the same team at work. That was the begining of my view changing of her. That and the fact I made it my mission everyday to get her to talk to me and smile at least once a day.

P: Sounds like you had your eyes on her already.

K: No, I actually didn’t… I just don’t like for people to not talk to me and think they are better than me. My mission was to show her, β€œHEY I’M A PERSON TALK TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” That turned into us sitting across from each other. Me cracking jokes during work to see if she would respond and eventually that led to us being friends. I’m persistent if anything.

P: I always encourage friendship before relationships. Glad to see that it works. Persistence is important.

K: Oh yeah, I agree. It’s never let me down, yet. And, our friendship is why she’s my world. If she was anyone else we wouldn’t be…

P: You know, that is the only reason that Cupid and I work so well even after things didn’t work for us, we were friends first.

K: Now, that makes sense.

P: Do you two still work together?

K: No, not anymore. She has parted ways with the company…Even though it would be fun…I wouldn’t get any work done though around her. She’s my perfect distraction.

P: Oh okay. I was going to ask how that works. I had issues being around Cupid but we worked it out. I was able to work from home.

K: Well, she quit right after we got married… but when she quit she was working in Atlanta and I was in Tennessee…

P: How did you two work through the distance?

K: It was honestly rough. At first it was her coming home every two weeks. That wasn’t acceptable for me. So I changed my work schedule so that I could have weekends off. So every other weekend I was in Atlanta and she was home. We made it work…

P: I feel like this relationship is the perfect example of what Loveless stands for!!

K: That my dear is awesome…

P: I am over here kicking Cupid by the way. I don’t think he feels it though because he is still snoring and burping. I didn’t even think that was possible.

K: Haha, well kick him harder…I think it is possible though, it takes true talent to pull it off…?

P: Ha! talent. Well, I think I’ve borrowed you from your wife enough for tonight. Is there anything that you want to tell the people in closing?

K: In closing, hmmmm don’t run in the rain with metal rods during a lightning storm…

In all seriousness, love and relationships are what you make of them. It will never be easy, but it will always be fun. Make sure you have the right partner to share with. Also, (even though I don’t follow this a lot) communicate, communicate, communicate and don’t say hurtful things because once they are said, they will never be forgotten.

P: Thank you so much. It was truly a pleasure. I don’t think you’re a smartass…err…”Smarty Pants” anymore. πŸ™‚

K: No, thank you for the interview. I had a blast. I will try not to be so blunt with my delivery. Maybe… Also, I was never a smart ass… all the time… Have an awesome night!

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