Hi there. Lend me your eyes for just a second, I promise not to take too long on this particular Wednesday. I had to personally put a halt to our regularly scheduled program after learning of some news today.

Per usual, I got a call from the editor that it was time to do the Wednesday interview. I thought I should get ready to give the new member a hard time considering it would be the first time I’ve interviewed a guy since the launch of this little shin dig. Sippy cup in hand full of something toxic, I was wondering what my opening excuse would be for starting late (I was pretty settled on “It took an hour to get over my fear of success..” Pretty clever right? No? Ok…). All of a sudden the editor calls back. This is not the usual. He’s a pretty on point guy and only calls back to tell me I’m taking it too far talking about my little balls in a post or whatever. Considering I hadn’t started yet, I knew this couldn’t be the case.

Then he gave me the news. A member of our staff had someone close to them pass…a grandmother in particular. He thought that it would be nice if I said something to them. This got me in a weird frame of mind and it just really started making me think of life in general. I’m going to live forever, so it’s something that I lose grasp of from time to time. When it does hit me, I feel the need to speak what I think about it.

I just wanted you lot to know that through the millennia, I have flew this earth I have seen much. Great men and women come and gone unfortunately. The thing is you lot are not promised tomorrow. No one’s life is a waste, so don’t think I’m going that route with this little monologue. My point is to do your best to make your mark on this world with your time here. Live this life to the fullest degree considering your physical vessel has it’s limitations.

I’d really love to spend paragraph after paragraph talking on this, but I’d just be repeating stuff. I just want you all to live the life you should, and cherish those who have grown old to live great ones themselves. I’m going to call the staff member so that we can talk about their grandmother and hear all of the great things she has done. Hopefully you will finish reading this and call a relative and just have a talk with them and let them share a story or two so you can take in what mark they have left on the world. Then you go out and make them proud and make an even bigger mark. Now sit back as a close personal friend of mines, Usher, says it all for you lot (sorry about those love bombs that made ‘Confessions’. Water under the bridge, right? *nervous grin*).


Love you guys…legit.

-Loveless Cupid

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