Loveless Brandon

Loveless Brandon

Hey guys, Psyche here. Let’s all get to know Loveless Brandon. I hope I’m not too snippy today; little eye-patch boy ticked me off this morning. Hmm…wait, these images of this interviewee actually have me a bit excited. I think I’m going to have a little fun with this one. Let’s welcome him to the Society…follow along kids.

@BAishere: Hello

Psyche: Mmhmm… Well hello there handsome. How are you doing this evening?

@BAishere: *takes shirt off* I’m good beautiful, how about yourself?

P: Better now that I am talking to you… *bats eyelashes* How was your day?

@BAishere: It was cool. I’m a busy man! A little work, a little play.

P: Glad you know how to balance! All work no play, might make you a dull boy. Wouldn’t want that, now would we?

@BAishere: No, I could never be dull! I’m a spontaneous son of a bitch.

P: Spontaneous, ehh?! A man of my own heart… By the way, glad you took that shirt off, I was feeling a bit vulnerable being the only naked one and all.

@BAishere:  Everything is better when you’re naked, don’t you agree? I’m comfortable with my shirt off; I didn’t get all these tats for nothing! I’m glad… I thought you were taken *wink wink*

P:  I concur– naked is much better, especially when there is a gentle breeze like on a beautiful night like this.. hehe. And, me taken…?! Puhleeez!! The ex *cough*Cupid*cough* messed that up a while ago… I am single, and willing to mingle with…you.

@BAishere: You keep it up and I’m going to say to hell with this interview.

P: You are going to get me fired! Maybe I should get us back on track…..

@BAishere: Do that! We can catch up later *puts number in phone*

P: Oh boy… Hmm, let’s ease in slowly–Tell me something interesting about you Love.

@BAishere: I’m just a young man out here living! I love tattoos, fresh kicks, and the Mary Jane.

P: Mary Jane?! I think I am jealous! Let’s not bring up other ladies in my presence sir…

@BAishere: She’s pretty DOPE! Maybe one day I can introduce you to her *laughs*

P: Haha, three’s a crowd…unless you are into that sort of thing….

@BAishere: I’m not against it! Sometimes, the more the merrier, right? You only live once!

P: Okay, Drake. *blank stare*

@BAishere: Not Drake, but that’s the homey though, he actually got that shit from me.

P: He is awesome.. And I’ll let you take the credit. Cupid does it to me all the time–I’m the genius behind that miniature man just in case you didn’t know.

But enough about him…more on you. I can very well see that you love tattoos–I guess with such a beautiful canvas–beautiful art would only be fitting…

@BAishere: Thanks! You really are a charmer.

P: *Blushes* Backtracking a bit, you commented on liking “fresh kicks”. Any ones in specific?

@BAishere: I like Foamposites and Retro Jordans specifically. But every now and then, something catches my eye! You still have to be open, ya’ know? 

P: Very nice taste–impeccable actually. Seems “sporty” and fitting, I hear you love basketball?

@BAishere: It’s cool, I guess! I feel that it kept me out of trouble and allowed me to travel across the country, so I fucks with it!

P: Some trouble is good trouble. But how did basketball keep you out of it?

@BAishere: It just gave me something to do! Instead of hanging out after school with the homeys in the neighborhood, getting into random trouble, I had to go to practice or I had games! I was actually good at it, so that led me to play summer ball and traveling to play in tournaments all across the country.

P: Where did you travel to? Meet some exotic lovelies?

@BAishere: I’ve been some of everywhere, from Memphis to Las Vegas, Florida to New York, Los Angeles to Denver!

P: World renowned! Love it. Do you have a favorite team?

@BAishere: Yeah #teamLakers over here! You see the hat *adjusts brim*

P: Man, I was focusing on all the wrong things. Those lips… but yes, the hat is nice *ahem*, I guess they are a good team to follow.

@BAishere: You like ballers?

P: Hmm, I guess I could make it on to the next season on Basketball wives if this works out. Those ladies need a bit of guidance anyways…

@BAishere: I dont know about that, I don’t want everybody in my business… I’m more of a behind the scenes boss, not in front of the camera.

P: Behind the scenes? I admire that in a man–those that don’t require much attention, but can get the job done *smirks*

@BAishere: Well you looking at that man! I do like cameras in the right setting *winks*

P: Do you get all the ladies with this… “charm”?

@BAishere: Yeah it works, the charm gets em, but I have other ways of locking them in.

P: Really…? Do tell. Wait…it’s your skills on the court right?! Yes, yes I am sure that is it.

@BAishere: No court here… I mean, I can cook, I’m funny, I’m cool and that’s not even mentioning the skills in the bedroom, or car, or shower, etc.

P: Oh boy…. Management is going to have my ass. Let me compose myself–and REDIRECT sir… *fans self*

Tell me about some of your tattoos… you have quite a few.

@BAishere: Well I have the skyline of Atlanta and the words “Product of my Environment” on my right forearm! I also have the street that grew up on my right bicep.  I feel that you should never forget where you came from so this was sort of my tribute to that!

P: *Stares tattoos up and down* Very nice tribute indeed. You just might be one of Atlanta’s finest mascots. Never forget where you came from– but know where you are going, I guess.

What about this Loveless tattoo–it suits you to be surrounded by curvaceous women? Should I be jealous again?

Because…. I’m not.

I’m a Goddess dammit.

Top that, heaux.

@BAishere: Ahh! My favorite!  Those curvaceous women are angels; they’re harmless unless you are out to harm me.  This tattoo is all about being in control of your life and controlling your destiny.

P: Ahhhh, angelic bodyguards, I can dig that. Please excuse my hostility earlier…

How have you been in control of your life and your destiny?

@BAishere: It’s me sitting on the throne, tattoos and all, with my basketball and my riches…. in my mother fucking retro 11s with my two bad ass guardian angels. I’ve been in control of my life and destiny by sometimes making the unpopular choices to put myself in better situations for me and my family!

P: Hell yeah, fuckin’ right! F what is ‘popular’– Follow your heart and do what is right for you and yours. I can do nothing but support that my handsome friend. Right on…

We can add “family-man” to your repertoire… Even more enticing.

@BAishere: And that is all it’s about! It reads “Life is what you make it” but I also have a four leaf clover and the fleur de lis symbol, because we always could use a little luck and perseverance, ya dig?

P: I dig indeed…

@BAishere: *takes puff* I’m hungry, where the snacks at? Where’s the hospitality lady?

P: You are hot boxing our interview space…if you are going to puff–just make sure you pass. I’ll grab some chips, how’s that for hospitable?

@BAishere: It’s cool, I’m not a crab… make sure they’re bbq.

P: Before we make a store run, is there anything else you would like the world to know about you? Final words from the ‘behind the scenes’ man?

@BAishere: Yeah I got you! In this world where everyone is following trends, do what the fuck makes you happy! Don’t worry about what others think because they got they own life to live. Stay focused on yours, get money, fuck bitches and pay it forward!

Oh yeah, shoutout to the PullUpBoyz *salutes*

P: Wise words. Kisses for you. Well love, thanks for the interview.  Time to go off the record… to go to the store of course…

@BAishere: No problem! I hope you got what you was looking for……

P: Everything…and more *wink*

@BAishere: Cool but yeah, use that number *laughs*

P: Management just called. Yes we are done *giggles*

@BAishere: Ok, well til next time.


Follow Brandon on Twitter: @BAishere

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