Loveless Cupid

Loveless Cupid

I just want to start off by saying that I am not a kid. I know that my sack looks like it can only fit two acorns, but before you try and take my bottle and get shot (with love…painful painful love…) in the knee, hear me out.

I am older than all of you…centuries upon centuries old actually. I’m a god, the God of Desire to be exact. My mother is the Goddess of Love…father, God of War (Venus and Mars, for those who don’t like proper titles). With that combination my existence makes sense. I’m a warrior…of love. It’s pretty clear that I’ve been through some things. If you can’t see that you may have been drinking more than me. Okay, I’m not an entity of many words so listen closely boys and girls. CupidBioImage1

Times have changed. I blame instant gratification. Humans want things without having to work for them. I’ve noticed it over time, but
hell I’m the biggest supplier of said gratification so who was I to go against it. It’s my job to make people aware of what they want in life through spurts of heightened realization. Now with that said, people these days  get angry because they can’t have these things instantly or project their negative feelings on the people would want to make it happen. This has resulted in people giving up on things without working on the goal.

Well look what’s happened, now the world is a loveless place and I’ve adapted by picking up this bottle and taking the blame for everyone. These tattoos represent my subconscious and this pistol makes me more effective than the old bow in hopes that the person it hits may follow the choice to chase love. Sometimes it still works, but not nearly enough. Until then I’ll continue to sip from this bottle and speak on love. It will not always fall on deaf ears…I need those ears to be yours. Be the one that takes those moments of love…whether it be in a relationship, a dream, or a personal goal and see it all the way through and lets break from the norm of this Loveless Society.

Hopefully in time I can even get myself together and be with my angel. Let’s figure this shit out together. I believe in you, so believe in me to have your back. It starts now…let’s chase our love…

– Loveless Cupid

Loveless Society

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