Loveless Erica

Loveless Erica

Hi, Psyche here filling in for blondie. Let’s get to know Loveless Erica as I put her in the hot seat. Read on…

Psyche: How are you doing this fine evening Erica?

Erica: My night is well… nothing interesting…

P: I heard you were partying in the streets of Atlanta, drinking from Cupid’s bottle.  Careful, anything he touches can’t be good for the soul. The only exception being me of course.

Do you come to Atlanta often?

E: I try to make it out once a year. I want it to eventually be my 2nd home. Bi-coastal…

P: What is it about Atlanta that calls to you?

E: It started off as seeing a new place… But then I saw how friendly the people were. And how much it FELT like home. I didn’t want to leave. Now that I’ve made some friends, I find myself dreaming of returning more often than my usual once a year.

P: I’m sorry it’s taking me a moment; I’m covering for Cupid tonight and trying to get ready to go out at the same time. I’m almost sure he planned this so I wouldn’t go out. You ever have that ex that just doesn’t go away?

E: HA! Kinda…I call it an addiction. *shrugs*

P: Hey, my policy on dating is “pass it on if it’s good!” Wait…maybe I shouldn’t say that. I don’t condone friends having sex with the same people, but I’ve been to a party or two where…well…never mind.

Addiction huh? Interesting. What do you think is addictive about you?

E: Oh, I didn’t say me *wink wink* but really, I think that after someone gets to know the real me, they kind of just want to be around me. I find myself to be funny. I am a caring and giving person if I like you. Something about that keeps people from leaving my life, even when I want them to.

P: Oh I love people like you! I’m glad Cupid didn’t do this interview, he would have harassed you the entire time. Although, the night is still young, I might do the same.

E: I’m okay with that… wait, I think…

P: *scoots in closer* So tell me a secret, something you’ve never thought about telling someone.

Wait…it’s taking you a minute. How many secrets do you have??

E: *hides face* Psyche… really… my deep dark secrets?!

P: Just one.

E: Oh I have a closet full of them. I had a crush on a friend of mine, a huge crush, but could never ever act on it. I’m good now.

P: Crushes are so fun! I have them all the time. Unfortunately, the REAL person never lives up to my fantasies. Do you think your crush will read this? Well… “former” crush.

E: No, we don’t speak like we used to thank goodness. Plus they will never know it was them….

P: Cupid will assume it’s him anyways.

E: Cupid’s cool. I like that he drinks more than me *winks*

P: It’s funny, when we were together, he never drank. Love…It’s a motherfucker. *flips hair*

E: Love will drive you to drink. It helps you forget things.

P: Do you often forget things when you drink?

E: Um, if I don’t remember, it didn’t happen is my motto.

P: *pauses* …I think I love you!

E: That doesn’t surprise me at all. *shrugs*

P: Now let me ask you, considering that I am the goddess of the soul, what are the things that you’re passionate about? What does Erica LIVE for?

E: Ok ok, time to get serious! I live for my kids! My happiness! I wasn’t always this awesome! Okay let me tone this down; I am starting to sound real cocky. My kids are my everything. I don’t know what I would be like without them.

P: That is beautiful. I can only imagine what a mother’s love feels like. Do you feel that this love is what drives you to be better everyday?

E: Yes, I have been thinking a lot lately about what kind of women I want my daughters to grow up to be, so it makes me want to change myself. I am not perfect by far, so I am working on being a better me. Plus my son needs to have an idea of what a wife/girlfriend should be. Well… and I am not it at this point *chuckles*

P: I’m sure that you are. I once heard that having children is like the blind leading the blind but in the end you’re the super hero in their story. Keep it up! I think you’re amazing and I just met you!

E: *grins* Awww I think you’re pretty awesome too, no wonder why Cupid won’t let go…

P: Speak of the cherub, he just walked in. I’ve GOT to get the locks changed.

E: Sometimes getting the locks changed doesn’t help; there are always open windows, ha!

P: And the little fucker flies. *sigh* So, I have to ask, how did you hear about Loveless?

E: Well I was on Twitter and I saw that The Artist was part of City of Ink tattoo shop. I had already gotten one tattoo there on my first trip. When I saw the tattoos of the cherubs, I fell in love with Loveless. Funny how that sounds…I really try to pretend I am anti-love but deep down I know I’m lying…

P: Everyone is honey! No one wants to admit that their desire is to find one person to live their life with forever, and fall in love over and over again with that same person. Cupid and I had that. It was real.

E: When it’s real, you should never let it go, or fight it.

P: Um. Have you met Cupid? Enough said.

E: He’s holding on for dear life. Poor, poor Cupid!

P: Poor Cupid? There are always two sides to a story. I just choose to stay quiet and let him do his eye patch thing.

So tell me about your Loveless pieces. What do they represent?

E: Well my first one is obviously me, a sassy me. I have had weight loss surgery and have gotten more confident about myself. It was about 3 months after my surgery that I got the first Loveless piece. It also has 3 butterflies repping my 3 minis as I like to call them. She is holding the Love bomb; I am still waiting for that shit to explode!

My 2nd piece is of you and Cupid! You are of course holding him by a string! Just like a woman should *smiles*
I allowed The Artist to create something on his own for that one.

P: You my dear are alright with me! *high five*
For the people that don’t have the opportunity to meet you in person, let us know who you are and how you see yourself.

E: Oh how sad for them! I think everyone should know me or want to know me. I am a free spirit, wait that sounds like something a ratchet would say…

P: *giggles* A little bit of ratchet is okay in every female.

E: Lemme back up… I like to have fun, even if it’s just sitting at home alone. I love music. I love to read and travel. Now how I see myself…well I am a work in progress. I KNOW I am an awesome person however I am very critical of myself. Whoa…this is getting way too deep… *looks around for an exit*

P: No escape my dear. Cupid is here and he sure as hell isn’t about to let you go.

E: Yea, I like to say “one dose of me will have you addicted” oh geez, and the cockiness comes out again….

P: I like cock…iness…Ha gotcha!

((“Psyche…you’re so corny…I love you” –Cupid)) 

P: Cupid, go away this is my interview!

The next question is even better. What would be your perfect life?

E: My perfect life would consist of me and my children being bi-coastal. I would be helping teen moms & pregnant teens as my career choice.
I would have someone in my life who adores me as much as I adore them. I’m not like most women who need shoes and purses to make them happy. I want a simple yet rewarding life. (I am accepting applications by the way *giggles*)

P: You hear her people! Applications! I’ll look them over!

E: Please do, and if they are known cheaters and liars, just go ahead and shred them…. *laughs…out loud ironically*

P: Oh honey, I’ll slice those up with my katanas. Possibly even them *wink* Before we close out…Are there any last words you want to share with the people?

E: I’m trying to think of some witty comment…but I’m drawing a blank. Always be yourself. Never change for anyone because if you have to change, they don’t really like you. If something feels right, allow it to blossom, if it ends, take it as a lesson….wow, am I really this sappy? Oh wait, go read my Weight loss blog too… I am very random, but real. *smile*

P: And there you have it! Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview you!

E: Thank you. Give Cupid a kiss for me *wink*

P: Fuck that.

E: Damn, I tried Cupid.

You can find Erica on twitter @CaliErica. Bug her, she won’t bite…hard.

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