Loveless Explained

Loveless Explained

I have not the pleasure of understanding you.” – Jane Austen

My name is Cupid. Yes…The Cupid. That sounds pretty pretentious of me, but hell I’ve been known ever since I can remember (though at the moment I can’t remember what happened just this morning…something with a toilet and aluminum foil…probably best if we don’t head further into the rabbit hole on that one). Enough about all of that at the moment. There is a whole section somewhere on this thing where I yap about my life in more detail than I care to acknowledge. Just know that for reasons I don’t understand at this very second, I have to be the one to tell you about everything Loveless related (something about a contract I don’t remember signing…). I digress…back to the subject at hand.

So Loveless Society, what is it? Well the simple definition is “Love visualized through the art of tattooed cherubs”. But let’s take it deeper. Look around you. Aren’t we pretty much in a loveless society? The world has changed tremendously since I used to fly around all sober with a smile on my face shooting arrows in peoples’ ass. Things just aren’t so simple. It’s almost as if humans have evolved into not knowing what love is and actually repelling it even when it seems to to feel right. Just look, people don’t seem to chase what they love anymore… couples aren’t staying together… childhood dreams are abandoned at the slightest hint of possible failure, etcetera, etcetera.


Who is to blame for this? I don’t know…maybe me, who knows? I don’t really care whose fault it is if you want to know the truth. I just want it to get better (that whole God of Love thing I can’t seem to shake…). It’s not just on me though…it honestly starts with you. What you love is already in you. My weapons of love just bring them out and into your conscious mind. It is up to you to follow up on that. That dream job that you’ve wanted since you were a kid…you have to push and do anything it takes to get it. Ladies, that man that you want to be your protector and friend, you have to recognize him in a sea of fakes and continue to love him instead of always questioning if something better will come along.

People, you cannot let outside forces persuade you not to do the things that make you happy because they think it’s silly or impossible…you know what will make you happy, not them. Case in point, I knew if I really pushed for it, I could be the only accepted nude God. I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I let it hang regardless of the naysayers. There are many more scenarios, but it all really just starts with you. After recognizing what you love, you have to actually pursue it and intend it into your life. That is the only way to combat this Loveless Society.

For the people who do this, they will live a life of unimaginable heights and happiness by not denying what they love regardless of what the world says. And thus we will inspire generations after us to continue this until the Loveless Society is no more. Maybe then I can take this eye patch off and be proud of the world I see (the whole peeing in public habit I’ve developed may be a bit tough to shake so let’s not expect too much).

It starts with you… no one is exempt from living the life they want. You all have passions…you just need not ignore them in order to be happy. Everyone’s happiness is beyond possible if they believe. First, recognize what you love…then take every step to make those things a part of your life. “You” are the answer to this Loveless Society.

– Loveless Cupid

Loveless Society

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