Loveless Kelli

Loveless Kelli

Cupid here. This is the first of three continuous weeks of new Society members. We knew we had to start it off with a bang. Meet the much traveled Loveless Kelli! This girl just can’t stay put, and I mean that in a good way. Sit back and enjoy the journey as I get all up in her mental mind.

Cupid: Kelli…with an I? Why do I feel that makes you extra special already?

 Kelli Garcia: Because I am *giggles*. Just had to be different…unique if you will.

C: So at the tender age of 5 minutes, you asked to put an “I” at the end of your name? Interesting… I was unaware babies could talk.

KG: You didn’t know?? Where have you been?! Nah, a little angel said, “She is special, make the name match.”

C: Did this little angel have tattoos? I may know her. I think her name is Skittlez. She put a “Z” at the end of her’s because she wanted to be special too.

KG: Hmmmm……I’m not sure I’ll have to check on that and get back to you.

C: I just asked her. She said she expected great things of you. She told me I should be able to ask you anything and gain infinite wisdom. Wonder if it’s true?

KG: We will see won’t we? *smiles*

C: Great! There is one question…and one question only that has plagued the world for the many millennia that I have walked this earth. Shall you assist me in giving me the decisive answer that will stand as the one true solution?

KG: Of Course!

C: Here goes…Do you think that men with beards look smarter than clean shaven men? Explain your reasoning wise one with an “I” at the end of thine name. We need your wisdom to help many….

KG: I don’t think facial hair has any effect on intelligence at all; but I think cleanliness will give a man a smarter image. If you have a clean beard, lined up, and on point I think it shows wisdom and experience. A baby face is cute, but there is no personality there.

C: But, I have a baby face…What do you think about me?

KG: You’re ok………rough around the edges, so I wouldn’t really say a baby face.

C: Good save cute girl. But enough about my baby-like facial features, we want to know about you. So it seems like you’ve lived all over. How did this come about?

KG: Well, I wanted to get away, see what else is out there. Lived on the east coast my whole life and decided to head west. Every place I have lived I had never visited before, just packed up and left. I must sayAtlanta, has been my favorite so far. I left after high school for college, and when school was finished I moved again and again and again.

C: Many people don’t have the courage to do that. What do you think gives you that edge to just make it happen?

KG: Fearless. I have no reason to stay stranded, so why stick around when there are so many different things to see and people to meet. You only live once and if you can’t find yourself when you’re young enough to do it, then when can you?

C: We need to end the interview on that. Seems like you are already what Loveless is all about. We want more of you though. The people need it. I need it…

When did you notice that you had this fearless attitude and besides being able to relocate, what advantages have you gained from it?

KG: When I was in high school. I always wanted to get away. Always spoke my mind, even though it got me in trouble ALL the time. I gained my independence. It made me a stronger person to make my own decisions based on how I felt and what I wanted.

I realized that I don’t need for anything but want for everything. I can maintain my own lifestyle without question and do what I want as long as it makes me happy. I answer to myself, and that is a gift.

C: Well damn! Living life the Kelli with an “I” way. I’m not mad at that, and I’m always mad. Here…sip some of what’s in my bottle. Let’s celebrate how awesome you are!

KG: *Laughs* Hilarious!!

C: I try…I try *sips*. So what do you do these days in your spare time? What are some things you enjoy? I heard you were a part time pimp. Elaborate for the kids…please.

KG: Well, yes that is my part time job. I’m pretty good at it too *winks*. I enjoy everything, especially being outdoors since I moved toDenver. This place is crazy! Hiking, rock climbing, boxing, and of course eating!!! Total fat kid at heart *giggles*.

C: You named everything to cancel out the eating. You have a nice shape. Cupid likes.

KG: Ha ha, why thank you….I try.

C: No problem. So let’s get to this lovely little angel adorning that body. What does your Loveless Cherub represent? Let us all know what you love, if you don’t mind.

KG: She is my guardian, the protector of self. I love my family and my friends, they mean the world to me and I would do anything in my power to make sure that they are happy, healthy, and safe.

You can’t choose your family but you can choose how you treat them, and ya there will be fights, but I am the only one that can fight them. Outsiders don’t stand a chance. It’s the same with my friends. I always have their back no matter what. She keeps me straight when my alter ego wants to take over too.

C: Nice! Can dig that. *Points* You see that weird floating line in front of my eyes?

KG: Which line is that?

C: Ummm…if you don’t see it then I don’t…

KG: *Laughs* Hmmmmm what are you sipping on exactly?

C: You don’t even want to know. I’m only two feet tall too…so…um, yeah. Don’t tell Psyche, but I love you. You are really amazing. So, what can we expect in the future from you. Next five years? Go!

KG: Oh, so sweet. She might attack me or something……In the future, hmmmmm I’m not sure. I don’t know where my road is going, hopefully out of the country. Australia!!! That will be my final destination. If not, and I am still here, I will continue living life, trying something new and different everyday.

C: You have all the good quotes. Way to end this with a bang. Well I’m beyond glad to have met your acquaintance and am glad to have you be apart of Loveless. Let’s go relax under the moon and figure out our next destination. I’ll fly you there. Any last words for the good people? How can we stay in contact with you?

KG: Be you. Don’t change for anyone, live for yourself. Of course you can!!!! You know where to find me (editor- on Facebook of course). How can we relax under the moon when Psyche is looking for you? Are you trying to get me caught up in something?!?

C: Shucks…I wouldn’t get you in trouble…on purpose. So where do you want to go? My wings are ready for flight.

KG: Right now I’m thinking theVirgin Islands. I need a vacation.

C: Your wish is my command. Till next week you lot, cheers.



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