Loveless KynDale

Loveless KynDale

For those who joined us last week, you know this is part 2 to our Micheal Jackson tribute. As Michael said, we love the old songs, but we especially like…the new songs. Let’s meet the future of music, young rising songwriter/artist, KynDale. Ladies, remember the panties being thrown at the screen are not actually hitting him.

@KynDale: Waz good?!

Cupid: Ello mate. Give us a minute. Management won’t stop yacking on this phone. They can never let me just get on with it…

@KynDale: Glad to be apart of the Loveless community, you know! *Laughs* Take ya’ time.

C: Glad to hear it, it’s a bloody great society to be a part of. You make it even greater.

@KynDale: Thank you love, I appreciate that.

C: Who you calling love bruh? I’m not Psyche! Save that crap for her. Personally, I’m a bit disappointed you’re not a girl, cause I was looking forward to doing a bit of charming (it’s what I do best, other than shooting people square in the arse). But let’s keep this strictly man to man if you don’t mind.

@KynDale: Lmao! My bad bruh I thought this was Psyche! Lmao…forgive me G.

C: Glad we straightened that out. I mean I’m all for love of any kind, between anyone, but I can’t lie, that made me feel a tad uncomfortable.

@KynDale: Definitely! *laughs*

C: And I’m naked. There’s only really a tiny level of discomfort I can even get too.

@KynDale: Lmao! I’m dying over here, G!

C: Don’t die yet; I’ve got some shit to ask you.

@KynDale: Bet! Let’s get to it.

C: Let’s. So I’ve been quite excited to talk to you since I did my epic Michael Jackson blog post last week for #LovelessWednesday. I’ve been serenading Psyche with my rendition of ‘Remember the Time’ all week…Unfortunately it hasn’t had much of an effect on her. I’ll keep trying though.

What MJ song would you sing to serenade a girl?

@KynDale: Definitely, “Human Nature”…or even “Rock with You”… It gets ’em every time!

C: Man, maybe I should’ve tried those. I don’t really have the voice to do MJ justice though; Cherub Karaoke was never my strongest skill. I heard with my own ears that you sing pretty bloody well though. Maybe you could sing them for me… But you gotta promise to let me have the girl once you’re done and she’s all wooed and all that good stuff.

@KynDale: Karaoke is a start, though! lol; Yea man, thanks.. I try; that’s a bet! There are enough of ’em to go around, right? Sharing is caring.

C: That’s the attitude I like. You’re good with me good sir. I wanna know about this music thing you do though, how did that start?

@KynDale: Of course, like a lot of artist, I started in church… I was shy as hell at first and didn’t think I was that good but I was a lil n&$#@. People loved to hear me sing and the ladies loved it so I was like yea, I gotta stick with this!



C: Ah the ladies, the reason for so many things that us men do..

@KynDale: Right… They set the tone for everything! Smh.

C: So, I of course know that Michael Jackson is a big influence for you, and that’s basically the reason we’re here talking right now.

@KynDale: True…

C: You have a magnificent Loveless cherub in the likeness of the fine gentleman himself, do you not?

@KynDale: I do! It’s my favorite.

C: What made you want to get an MJ inspired cherub?

@KynDale: Well, MJ’s always been a huge inspiration and influence… When I was little, my mom made me a CD with a lot of his songs on it and I used to go to the mirror and dance and shit like him all the time; imagining I was him on stage, lol. On the other hand, his humanitarianism is what I loved the most… He touched so many lives with his music and his spirit, as I hope to do as well in the future.

C: Apparently mums are good for things like that. I wouldn’t know though, I haven’t seen my mother since 1700AD. It’s been a while.

@KynDale: Lmao!

C: Do you hope to touch lives through your music? Tell me about your plans for the future.

@KynDale: Definitely. Music will never die and I want to use it as a tool to touch people. Every time someone hears my music and says “I was just feeling this way the other day” or when someone’s in a bad mood and they say “N$#%@, you make ME wanna sing!” lol. It brings joy to my heart because I was able to channel to their heart and bring something out of ’em. Music is definitely a powerful tool and I’ll use it to the best of my ability to touch someone else.



C: Hmm, maybe I should’ve chosen harp lessons over archery in elementary school… Although I guess we’re still both in the business of touching hearts. Mine just goes through the bum instead of the ear.

@KynDale: Man, you are a fool! *Laughs* I fucks wit you, g! Lmao!!!

C: Good to hear, good to hear. Now let’s get back to talking about chicks and things of that nature. It makes me feel manly and a little more than two feet tall, which is never a bad thing.

@KynDale: Lol, what’s on ya’ mind?!

C: If you could pick any girl to serenade with one of your songs, who would it be?

@KynDale: Ahh man, there’s a lot of beautiful women in this world, but give me Maliah Michel and 5 minutes… She’ll be mine, before you know it, lol.

C: She’s most definitely easy on the eyes, however I heard a whisper on the wind that you have a penchant for a certain, Nicki Minaj… Is that information correct? Don’t you lie to me now KynDale *shakes tiny (but manly) fist*

@KynDale: Lol, I mean, I like her, she’s definitely dope! But I think like her ass/body, the most, lol. So that’s what I’m really attracted too.

C: I met this bloke in the pub the other day, think he said his name was Nasir Jones or something like that, he was talking about her, saying she was a rather good kisser. I didn’t really care to know to be honest, but the guy bought me a pint and a shot, so I felt obliged to listen.

I wouldn’t mind taking a nap on those butt cheeks though. I can only imagine the dreams to be had with a pillow like that…

@KynDale: Her body is CRAZY! I know you saw her at the BET Awards….

C: We don’t get cable on cloud 11. I’ve been appealing it but my skylord is terrible at answering messages. Maybe that artist dude will show me it on that YouTube thing later on.



Now I know that serenading women and making them fall in love with you is a skill, trust me I know, but you’re a college man aren’t you. What are they teaching you over there?

@KynDale: Yea man, I attend Morehouse College, majoring in English but I’m still a little undecided on whether or not I’ll stick with it (It gets to be a bit too much, with all the research papers and analytical essays…ugh, lol). I’m a visual artist as well so, I’m strongly thinking about changing my major to visual art. I lost touch with the art, doing this music thing, but I wanna use every talent God gave me, you know?

C: That’s definitely what it’s about. Fulfilling your purpose and utilizing your skills. I do that every time I take aim with one of these here arrows. This kinda precision can’t be taught.

I know a lot of people are gonna wanna gain some of those serenading skills after this conversation, so where can they get some examples to practice with?

@KynDale: You can follow me @KynDale on Twitter… Also, download all of my music at and checkout my covers of some of your favorite songs at! Lastly, on instagram: KynDale.

C: Nice. I actually really like that ‘Just My Type’ song you have. Reminds me of the 90s, which I remember very vividly. That reminds me, I have a couple of cuties in the next room that might just be my type. I better go see if they’re missing me yet. It was a pleasure having a chin wag with you man. Have a whiskey on me next time you’re out and about.

@KynDale: Damn that’s crazy, more people like that song, than I thought…That’s love! Yea you better catch ’em… Don’t let ’em slip away! Same here, G! Shoutout to you and thanks for your time!

C: Oh and none of this calling me ‘love’ business next time, you hear? A cherub can eff you up just as good as the next guy. Not saying I will, but no promises.

@KynDale: Lmao! Oh believe me; you won’t have to worry about that! I’ma get it right first, the next time!!!

C: And don’t start thinking you can serenade Psyche either… Cause then I WILL get real mad in this bitch…

@KynDale: Lol, She loves me, man… I can’t help it.



C: I think its best you leave before I start getting irate and we ruin our nice evening, don’t you think? See, this is why I stick to the females.

@KynDale: Lmao, I gotcha homie! Take care, G.

C: Ok, management just called and told me to calm down. I apologize. Have a good night mate. *Grrr*

@KynDale: Lol, you too, G!


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