Loveless Maya

Loveless Maya

This young lady kept me waiting a good 40 minutes for her interview. At first I wondered who in the heavens she thought she was. Then I found out. You’re about to do the same…

Maya Teague: I will hit you up. In about 20min. K?

Loveless Cupid: Ok. I guess I’ll have a drink or two… or three, while I wait.

Maya Teague: Enjoy! Wish I was with you.

Loveless Cupid: Me too!

Some time later……. (More than 20 minutes) ……..

Loveless Cupid: *taps foot* I’m on my fifth drink.

Maya Teague: Ok Ready! Don’t really know how to Skype from iPhone.

Loveless Cupid: I think you just push the buttons love…

Maya Teague: Lol be nice……

Loveless Cupid: I’ll try *drinks*

Maya Teague: *hugs*

Loveless Cupid: Although the allure of a beautiful woman is a strong one, a couple of shots of patron has been known to make me immune. I mean…I was sober like, 20 minutes ago…I’m intrigued to know why I had to wait to be graced by your presence….

Maya Teague: *blushes* it’s honestly not even like that. I’m not sober either ^_^ But in the gaseous form, lol.

Loveless Cupid: Gaseous?! o_O you need a potty break?

Maya Teague: Wow! Lol, let’s just say I don’t drink, lmao!

Loveless Cupid: This could’ve gone so wrong, SO fast, but in true cherub fashion, I’m gonna roll with it…get it…roll? No? Cool.

So miss Maya Teague, I hear you like to play in makeup?

Maya Teague: You’ve heard correctly *smiles* I am a make-up artist, doing freelance around and licensed skin care specialist around Atlanta…

Loveless Cupid: *blank stare* I get it, but my mind is still trying to catch up weirdly…

Maya Teague: Omg! I’m too lifted to be typing right now!

Loveless Cupid: That explained that *writes in notepad*. So, how did you get into this makeup and skincare game?

Maya Teague: I went to beauty school here in ATL.  The AVEDA Institute.

Loveless Cupid: So tell me, do you specialize in any particular area? (I’m asking for a friend…)

Maya Teague: Lashes and facial prosthetics are my favorite! Oh and colored contact lenses. Basically anything that significantly changes someone’s looks. I’m more into the theatrical and movie set make-up.

Loveless Cupid: That’s pretty fucking cool. I watch movies all the time when I’m hungover. Give me an example of something pretty extreme that you’ve done with the facial prosthetics…

Maya Teague: SFX Facial prosthetics for character roles for movies. I.E. the joker in The Dark Knight.

Loveless Cupid: You’re telling me that the Joker isn’t real, and you made his face?!

Maya Teague: Shiiiiit, I wish, Cupid! No, no let me catch up! That is my ultimate goal! I’ve dabbled in the light stuff, erasing a model’s eyebrows and adding them back a lil higher on the face.

Loveless Cupid: Well you’ll get there, I’m sure of that.

Maya Teague: Thanks Baby.

Loveless Cupid: So do you think I’d look more badass with a scar coming out from under this eye patch? If so, can you take care of that for me? Tell me if you can make it happen ‘fo I get real mad…

Maya Teague: We can work it out *smiles*

Loveless Cupid: You. Are. Amazing. Now tell me your favourite makeup story if you don’t mind.

Maya Teague: Hmmm like being on set? Or an actual look??

Loveless Cupid: How about both, I wanna hear it all.

Maya Teague: One of the first FX makeup looks I created was inspired by City of Ink’s Dreams and Inspiration art show a few months back. It was me and my homegirl Lydia in my Mom’s living room. Everything was bootlegged. *laughs*

Loveless Cupid: I like the blokes at City of Ink. Miya Bailey is actually a good friend of mine and owes me five dollars.

What was the look of?

Maya Teague: It’s entitled “Vision” It’s my close-up of an eye with a star-shaped iris and her passion tearing down her eye below.

Loveless Cupid: Passion looks painful as bloody hell (no pun intended). But that description was so deep it made my little baby-esque nipples tingle. I have sensitive nipples though, I think it’s my only real physical weakness. 

Maya Teague: Damn…me too babe. I miss my piercings.

Loveless Cupid: I’ll take you to get ’em repierced after we finish this interview. I know someone who does them rather well. As long as I can watch…

Maya Teague: Didn’t kno you was a freak like that?

Loveless Cupid: I plead the fifth…

Maya Teague: Hmm, you seem like the type to be into Hentai.

Loveless Cupid: Well I do enjoy a bit of…wait! Before this convo goes down the wrong road, is that a pinup on the inside of your arm?

Maya Teague: Lol, my bad. Yea it is!

Loveless Cupid: Care to explain?

Maya Teague: Your creator designed this one as well.

Loveless Cupid: Zeus? I didn’t know he could draw. My grandad is a talented chap! But back to the pinup…

Maya Teague: It’s a pin-up version of my Mom.  A very tame version of my mother I might add.

Loveless Cupid: Why is it a tame version of your mum? What’s she usually like?

Maya Teague: She was and still is the classiest lady I know. We put her in a shirt-dress just to keep everything modest and true to her character. It’s funny cause the original picture is of her about to out to a lounge/club.

Loveless Cupid: My kind of  lady. Wait, is that me on the back of your arm?

Maya Teague: Yessir. Sitting on a love bomb looking G.

Loveless Cupid: sounds like me. What was the reason you wanted my handsome self gracing your arm?

Maya Teague: I honestly don’t feel as creative as the rest of my fellow Loveless Society members, I was having a hard time coming up with a cherub concept.

Loveless Cupid: Well there’s nothing wrong with getting me adorned on you. I should be on everyone in my humble opinion. We just have to make sure we figure out who your Loveless Cherub really is. We will one day.

Maya Teague: There was a post on the LovelessSociety Blog, a story about Cupid and… Damn can’t remember his name, but his girl ending up on her death bed and he had an epiphany thanks to Cupid’s wisdom.

Loveless Cupid: My guy Renaldo.

Maya Teague: Yes!!! I knew it was an R.

Loveless Cupid: So that story touched you?

Maya Teague: Extremely. I’ve had my fair share of effed up relationships. Some my fault some not, but regardless I was too blind to see the beauty in each of those experiences. So he’s just a reminder of  “don’t forget, I shoot” kinda thing.

Loveless Cupid: It’s important that we take the lesson from each situation. I’m glad that Renaldo found his lesson and that he touched at least one person with his story of discovery.

Well, I think it’s about time we wrapped this up. I have a couple more drinks waiting for me at the pub down the road. Anything you want to tell the people before we part?

Maya Teague: Follow me on my new twitter account: @MayaTe_Amo

And check out my Model Mayhem Page:

And uh… ONE LOVE.

Loveless Cupid: Nice. I’ll pass the word on! Thanks for having a natter with me Maya. It’s been fun.

Maya Teague: Sorry I text slow….. It’s the tree.

Loveless Cupid: Well I know you’re enjoying yourself at least. Hope you have an, erm, relaxed evening.

Maya Teague: Thank you. You too.

Loveless Cupid: ’till next time, m’lady.


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