Loveless Phillip

Loveless Phillip

Naturally, Psyche had to get her hands on the first male Loveless Society member we introduce to you. She literally fought me for this interview (not that she’s admit it!).  She couldn’t resist flirting outrageously either… Lucky Phillip. She’s a minx, that one! This interview was an interesting read to say the least…

Phillip Sidberry: Bruh wtf?

Psyche: Sir?

P: Maam?

Psy: You clearly are late. L-A-T-E!!!

P: Nah bruh, you late.

Psy: I’ve been here since 8:47pm. Don’t start.

P: I’ve been here since 5:!5.

Psy: *fixes hair* ::ignores last message::

P: *brushes hair* Ay though. *wink wink wink*

Psy: I would ask what you have been up to but I just don’t care right now.

P: Oh?

Psy: Oh noooo don’t try that on me.

P: What should I try?

Psy: To get this interview done.

P: Well you’re the one that’s late. Get to it.

Psy: I can’t keep covering for Cupid with characters like you…The sad part is I was excited to interview you. Even had my seduction all planned out. Unfortunately, I hate late people so we’ll have to figure it out as we go.

P: I’m not late though. You’re buggin, seduction me.

Phy: Seduce…the word is sedu… Never mind.

P: Seduction me. I’m waiting to be seducted.

Psy: So Phillip…what is your type? Feel free to mention miniature women with wings so that you can earn points back.

P: *copy, paste* Miniature women with wings. I pretty much like’em all.

Psy: This is going to be a long night. *Grabs Cupid’s bottle* A lady’s man?

P: Not a all… nope nope nope.

Psy: A recluse then?

P: A recluse…maybe, you reclusin with me?

Psy: Are you one of those guys that accept what is given to him? I need you to have standards. *winks*

P: Set the standard then…set the standard then, see what you got me doin?

Psy: I have set the standard… But I am a Goddess. Am I making you nervous?

P: Yep…extra.

Psy: I know, it’s because I’m naked. You get used to it.

P: I’m naked too. What up?

Psy: I wasn’t impressed. That’s why I can maintain my composure.

P: Errerrrerrerrrerrr?! *leaves interview room*

Psy: Get back here!

P: Yes mother!

Psy: *shakes head* Tell me about yourself. What makes you who you are? How is that for vague?

P: A person’s background and beliefs makes them who they are, so I’ma go with that.

Psy: Are you heavily rooted in your beliefs?

P: I am. I try to be at least.

Psy: That’s awesome; few people have values and beliefs now-a-days.

P: People have them. They just kinda push them to the side.

Psy: I am not too sure about that…Have you met Jeff? *shakes head*

P: Yes, I know Jeff… I stayed with Jeff. Motherfug Jeff! And when you see bruh, tell’em pay up or there will be war. Matter of fact, where’s he at?

Psy: Ah ha! He owes me money too! Wait, what did he do to you?

P: He signed a lease and didn’t pay rent…typical.

Psy: He’s doing it to Cupid now. I sit and watch. It’s comedy.

P: So you laughin’?

Psy: I do laugh. It isn’t a crime. So where are you from originally?

P: I’m originally from Mobile, Alabama.

Psy: Mobile, there are a lot of broken hearts there. I try to avoid going but Cupid insists I am needed there.

P: But bbbaaaabbbbbyyyyyyy…

Psy: Singing huh? Charming. As you serenade me let’s ask what the women reading this really want to know…Do you really have a thing for cherubs? Um…I mean are you single?

P: I do, gotta have a cherub. I’m single for you.

Psy: A man after my own heart. Keep it up and Cupid is gonna shut this down.

P: I got Cupid, he’s a homie.

Psy: Cupid would never share me. I don’t know what you and your mortal friends do, that just isn’t Cherub Code.

P: I feel Cupid, I digress…let your friends know, I’m cherub single.


(Those are the homies, Tristan & Gabe… The Astorre boys)

Psy: I must admit that when I was told I was going to do another interview I wasn’t excited, but then I saw your pictures and I was taken back by how dapper you are. Can you tell me a little bit about your style? What influences your fashion choices?

P: Oh, I like tailored casual… translation, I’m in a medium shirt till I die, but I like all fashion excluding out of control streetwear.

Psy: No Girbaud in your closet? With the straps?

P: Nah, no MF Girbaud.

Psy: You haven’t lived until you own a pair…Just saying..

P: Oh, my bad. I gotta get some Girbauds, Cherubs love Girbauds.

Psy: Speaking about clothing…I met a guy the other day named Tristan. I believe you know him?

P: Yeah Tristan’s the homie. You went home with him huh? Typical.

Psy: No sir, remember. I have the ability to restrain myself…but while on the topic, Can you put some clothing on? A cherub can only take so much temptation.

P: *grab underwear* Ummmkkk.


Psy: Tristan was explaining your dreams to me but he has a rather smart way of making you feel stupid, so I walked off. Can you explain “Astorre” to me?

P: Astorre is a brand my best friend and I started about 4 or 5 months ago. Not too long after I moved to Atlanta. But basically it’s tailored casual. Mature streetwear. Respectable and all that

Psy: Where do you hope to see the brand in 5 years?

P: I hope to see the brand sold exclusively in select boutiques, and maybe licensing with other categories occasionally.

Psy: Good luck with your endeavors. Where do you get your drive from to venture into different outlets (I.E. Clothing design)?

P: Who knows? I like the visual arts in general. But design’s just dope because it’s functional art. It has limits; you just have to alter them.

Psy: Oh Phil you make me tingle inside…Composure…Composure…Um. Let’s discuss your Loveless piece. Can you tell us what it symbolizes for you?

P: My loveless is a representation of my faith and a tool for consistency. It’s me as a cherub, fighting through waves to get to a lighthouse, which represents God. The cherub has my mom’s initials tatted on the knuckles, with Mobile Bay bears logo on his chest, with a correlating scripture on the bicep

Psy: That’s beautiful. A cherub version of you huh? Mmm…I mean oh.

P: He’s extra cool.

Psy: It’s funny. I feel your Loveless piece actually gives an amazing description of who you are. Maybe I should’ve asked about that first. The interview would have been much shorter. Besides the fact you were late.

P: On time.

Psy: *ruffles feathers*

P: *butt smack* 2x

Psy: ::blushes:: oh my…

P: Ummhmmm. My fault Cupid.

Psy: Well as we close out we always allow our society members to give some last words to our readers. Anything you’d like to say?

P: Yeah go to and check us out. As for you Psyche *butt smack* 3X

Psy: I have to leave. I am way too excited and don’t feel like hearing Cupid’s mouth. Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview you. You may be the product of some late night motivation…Um… I mean bye. Thank you again.

P: *wink*


Check out Phillip on twitter @Peezy_Astorre. And definitely check out his brand “Astorre”

[Photography done by Brandon Wiggins of]


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