Loveless Psyche

Loveless Psyche

We can not talk Loveless without talking to the woman I’ve had the most history with. Her name is Psyche and she was that compliment that balanced me out. The problem is it’s pretty hard to contain a “God of Love” and we both found that out in not so pleasant ways. Still, I “love” but not quite like the way I love…her. I haven’t spoken to her in years, but it’s a requirement of this job. Oh, here she comes. Let’s hope my nervousness doesn’t have me saying anything stupid…

CUPID: So you’re looking sexy today

PSYCHE: Hm. Where is this going?

C: You look exquisite?

P: Every attempt from you is about equal, but that playboy act doesn’t work on me and you know this.

C: It did before. And it will again.

P: So sure of yourself.  The interview, can we get back to it?

C: Yes…I miss you. What do I have to do to get you back?

P: Well considering you’re drunk right now, sobering up would be a good idea.

C: Well so much for that. So tell the people a little bit about yourself.

P: Sometimes I wonder how we were even together. Anyways, for those that care, I am Cupid’s ex and the only woman he will ever love although he may think differently. I used to be the princess of a distant land. Cupid’s mother hated me because of the adoration I received for my beauty and compassion with the people of my land.

C: Beauty, compassion? Kind of full of yourself…

P: I can only state facts. Don’t pretend like you don’t know how the story goes. I have compassion, just not so much with you.

C: You’re alright is all I’m saying…

P: Ha! Back to this story, his mother sent him to shoot me with an arrow while I was asleep, in hopes that when I woke up I would fall in love with the first beast I saw. What she didnt know is the little beast of her son would be startled by my beauty.

C: I wouldn’t say all that. I thought you were a zombie or something with those bags under your eyes.

P: Interrupt me again baby balls. Anyways, he cut himself with his own arrow and has been madly in love with me ever since. I won’t lie… I was enamored with him as well, but after a drama filled relationship that ultimately wound up with me becoming immortal (yes this is how the story goes) I decided to help Cupid do his job, especially since he seemed to be overwhelmed from it.

C: Such a great sidekick you were…ohh how the times have changed.

P: I was not a sidekick, and I am proving that now by doing an even better job than he is. Beyond that Cupid and I have reasons for us not being together right now.

C: “Right now?” I’m so going to get you back. *smile*

P: Listen. Stop. It’s not happening. Know that mister. You know this train has left. Maybe you’ll treat the next one a lot better. That is one reason I am needed. I want girls to know our power as women. We have to be even more in touch with what we love. It’s not about what these men want all the time contrary to popular belief. We have to make sure to be happy with ourselves and honestly find a man that compliments us. I will not let any female be dictated by the standards of the world. We are what make this world go around.

C: That was really touching… so you want to come back to my place? Have a few drinks till we’re doing things we have forgotten by the morning?

P: Sweetheart, darling, my dear dear Cupid.  Sometimes, you should just hush.  You’re much cuter when you’re not speaking. Oh, and speaking of your place, tell Jeff I am going to stab him in his fucking heart and send him back to the deepest pits of hell if he doesn’t pay me my money back.

C: Females are such hostile creatures…

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