Loveless Tina

Loveless Tina

So I’m back in control this week people and just in time too! This week I got to sit down with the beautiful Tina and wax lyrical about hypnosis, men getting sprung, pretzels (being put into pretzel shapes, to be exact) relationship boot camp and weirdly, Lil’ Bootsie. The only thing questionable about Tina seems to be her taste in rap music, but she let me nuzzle her titty meat for a while so she’s pretty alright with me. (Sorry, it seems that Jeff is really rubbing off on me *face palm*)

I guess I’ll be nice for once and let you get in on the action…

Cupid: Who the fuck is Beth? I thought I was interviewing a Tina. I had dreams of a Tina, with a heaving bosom, dainty, and doll like features. Not a Beth…

@Bonesmii (Tina): *Laughs* This is Tina! Beth is my middle name.

C: Well, maybe you can change my opinion of Beths… do you have a heaving bosom by any chance?

@Bonesmii: A tiny one *shy face*

C: Shy face? That must be the Beth coming out. I was told you were a thug. Don’t tell me I heard wrong.

@Bonesmii: I am. That’s my Tina side.

C: Well, in that case, I like Tina. But I didn’t know pretty girls could be thugs.

@Bonesmii: Of course they can … such as “yours truly”. I run camp! I don’t call it being a thug.

C: What do you call it then?

@Bonesmii: “Running Camp”. I’m in charge!

 C: Not right now you’re not. This is my interview. So let’s get to interviewing fo’ I get mad.

@Bonesmii: *Laughs*

C: Well lookie here. I’ve checked my records, and it seems that I keep shooting guys for you, but I’ve recieved about a dozen letters of complaint from them saying you’re the one running things, when they need to be. Care to explain?

@Bonesmii: About that .. We have to talk one on one. I kind of feel like you slight me sometimes. I will leave things in a man’s hands that (I feel) can handle the load. I’d  also like to be able to trust his opinion as second to my suggestions. None of what you sent me can get it done. And I give good chances for them to show me. So next time, mental note to Cupid: I need a man that can handle camp. Thanks in advance.

 C: So I can’t send you any thugs? You just want ones ready and willing for your boot camp…..

@Bonesmii: Hey hey! Light on the “boot camp” thing. You make it sound so harsh. No thugs please.

 C: But I heard thugs put you in pretzel shapes… Every girl loves pretzel shapes. At least that’s what Jeff told me…

@Bonesmii: We do but I do not need the extra growling and built up street frustration being taken out on me…. I am still a lady *giggles* Tell Jeff stop telling my business too.

C: Noted *writes on scroll*. So enough of pretzel shapes and such. Tell me, what are the origins of Christina?

@Bonesmii: Care to be more specific?

C: I guess that was pretty vague, I don’t need to hear about your adventures in the fallopian tube.

@Bonesmii: ugh ewe

C: Where were you born? Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?

@Bonesmii: I was born in Ladstuhl, Germany. I grew up in the south, mostly Birmingham, AL. My child hood was a lot like an over exaggerated soap opera. I was an introvert for the most part. As I got older, I spoke up more. Now I don’t shut up *laughs*

C: That’s interesting, give us some of the plot to this soap opera. Were you an army brat?

@Bonesmii: I started that way, but you know how families are…things change. I never played the leading role in mines. I was always an extra on the side lines.

C: So that’s why you take the leading role now?

@Bonesmii: In everything else in life? Yes.

C: Hey, wait a minute, I feel slighted. I need a story from this soap opera. Tell me something entertaining…

@Bonesmii: When I write my book you can read all about it *laughs*. What’s your next question?

 C: *Throws tantrum* Give me something!!

@Bonesmii: Aye, aye *side eye serious face* What did I say?

 C:  Ok then, let’s stay on topic… Tell me about an interesting dating experience you’ve had. *side eye* I can’t believe I’m letting you boss me around. *eats jelly beans*

@Bonesmii: *giggles* I have had some pretty good ones, as well as some horrible ones. One of my most memorable would have to be my country guy I used to date who turned out to be too much for me to handle. He was on a whole other level.

 C: *Listens intently* Tell me more… for the fans… your fans.

@Bonesmii: I have a tendency to turn strong, hardcore thugs to saps. For instance, he started out strong, wouldn’t back down or let me have control over anything. Next thing I know my strong king of a man has switched roles and I end up with 99 missed calls and a bunch of whining. I have that kind or charm*wink wink*

C: 99 calls? Damn. I must’ve shot that arrow in deep.

@Bonesmii: Too deep.

 C: What would possess a man to call a woman 99 times with no answer? I know that wasn’t all me and those bullets. I feel as if you’re not telling us something??

@Bonesmii: I have “charm” don’t get it twisted. I am a lover, not deceitful but when they fall they fall hard.

C: I…think…I love you. Embrace me in your bountiful bosoms… please!

@Bonesmii: Awe … come’ere *gives hug*

C: *Presses face deep into Tina’s breasts* Mmmh, it feels so safe and nurturing *sucks thumb*

@Bonesmii: *Cradles and rubs cupids face*…. Ok back to the questions.

 C: I so cozy… but ok. Since you’re making me very happy right now, what makes YOU happy?

@Bonesmii: Ooooooohhhhhh good one. I love how random my friends are. That gives me a guaranteed sense of happiness. My tatts I love. They’re random too *giggles*. I love a life of unexpectedness, such as the people in it. I only wish I was more random because I am more of a conservative sided person.

I have a constant obsession with being girly. I don’t have a MAJOR hobby or anything. Ooooh yeah I do love my elephant *smiles* It’s my favorite charm at the present moment.

C: That’s all pretty cool; I can see you being kind of girly. That Loveless tattoo you have on your ribs is quite girly too; tell me more about that…

@Bonesmii: She represents the side I don’t really talk about. I just put it to action. Thats my “Charm” side I guess you can say. Most painful spot ever, but she was worth it.

C: What’s that in her hand? What’s going on with that?

@Bonesmii: It’s a pendulum. Kinda like what a hypnotist treats their clients with. Only mine is used for good. Everyone wants to fall in love and to feel that feeling that they have never gotten from anyone else. That is where I come in. Don’t get me wrong, your arrows are powerful but they are only the introduction. When I fall for someone, I want them and I give them every awesome feeling love can provide and it puts you in a love trance like state.

C: *Nuzzles on bosom* put that pendulum away, you’re not supposed to be using it on me.

@Bonesmii: You only look because you want to. *giggles*

 C: *Phone rings* Hmm, I just got an interesting text saying that you used to be a real Soulja Boy fan… Say it isn’t so Tina, say it isn’t sooo!

@Bonesmii: A “Zooted” “Booty Meat” fan ALL day *laughs* only the old stuff though, not the new stuff.

C: There was a song…called…Booty Meat? I’m slightly shocked right now.

@Bonesmii: Ooooohhh yyyyyeeeeaaahhhh!!!

 C: I’m kind of scared to ask… But what other music do you like? We must know.

@Bonesmii: On my cool lover side I am a die hard Musiq Soulchild, India Arie, Lauren Hill, Sade fan. And the list goes on. Then I have the Lil Boosie, Webbie, 8Ball and MJG side it. Just depends on my mood. Cupid’s juice gets me on the Boosie side.

 C: Hey, if you like it, then I love it. How about this, let’s get outta here and crank up the music and rock out! Quickly, before we go, do you have any last words for your adoring fans?

@Bonesmii: I’m bout it! Let’s make moves! And I love my fans, this isn’t the last you will see of me. *Kisses*

C: Are you on the internet? Twitter? I wanna follow you… No stalker…

@Bonesmii: Oh yeah, yeah. It’s @Bonesmii. Follow me and I’m inkleyslighted on instagram.

C: Nice, well let’s get outta here. I got some plans for you my dear. You gone learn today. *smiles*

@Bonesmii: Alright Alright Alright!

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