Loveless Victoria

Loveless Victoria

Shiny rings, Pugs, flawless style and Dru Hill dragons await you in this interview with Loveless Victoria. Read on…

Cupid: Which of the following would you buy if Apple made a version: condom, gun, shovel, houseshoes…

Victoria: Oh, wow. Interesting question… totally not what I was expecting, LOL. Well, I know it wouldn’t be the gun or the shovel, cause I have no need for either of those seeing as I’m not going to be out here shooting folks and then burying them. Definitely won’t be the condom either, cause Apple’s known to have some bugs in their first generation products and we can’t be out here with the faulty condoms. So, I guess I’ll say house shoes. I could always use some nice house shoes.

C: They would have an app for massaging baby toes or something. I’d buy into that. Man…I can’t believe you answered that question. I got it from a book that said “Stuff White People Like….to Talk About” Hot damn they were right!

V: Well, I’m only half white. I actually think it’s the Asian side of me that can’t let a question go unanswered. And being Asian you know I have to put some real thought into it. It’s nice to know you’re out here stereotyping though, Cupid, LOL.

C: No stereotyping madam. I’ve just been drinking all day and they wanted me to start off the conversation with something tame. I went to my for sure handbook. I’ve personally answered all the questions in the book. Apparently, I would like to be dipped in strawberries if I was an ice cream sundae. The stuff you learn about yourself. So would you consider yourself more on one side than the other of your genetic makeup? There have been reports you throw a peace sign up in every picture you take. Explain these allegations.

V: You gotta lay off the sauce, Cupid. You know, I don’t really identify with one side more than the other. At least I don’t think. The white side of me keeps me from knowing how to dance. The Korean side makes me really good at math. I embrace all of that. And no, it’s not every picture, maybe just a good 90% of them. As a half-Korean, I pretty much have to. It’s in my blood.

C: Off the sauce…you kids and your lingo. I was just curious as to what makes someone so beautiful. I can go no longer…I have decided that you are my girlfriend…Wha? She can’t be my girlfriend? Why the fuck not? But we love each other. Victoria, please tell management that our love knows no limits and will not be denied.

V: Ay, management – you heard the man, there’s no denying this love. No limits and all of that (I almost said something corny about Master P and No Limit soldiers. Oh, wait. Forget I just said that.)

C: *puts away love gun* Whew, shit was about to get real…I mean thanks honey bun. Your corniness is only one of the reasons I love you. The thing that sticks out most though is easily your impeccable style. It’s pretty unique. Is there any era you borrow from or is this all just you? What makes up this desirable fashion sense?

V: Why, thank you, Cupid. You flatter me. I’d like to say it’s all me, but I find inspiration in others as well. I definitely like to shop vintage, but the era doesn’t much matter. If I like it and it works for me, I’ll buy it. I also like to be comfortable, which is why a lot of the time you’ll se me in sneakers or flats as opposed to heels. Don’t get me wrong though, I like to rock heels as well when the time is appropriate.

C: Gotcha. If you ever want to just go all natural like me, I would never be opposed to it *puts finger over lips* shush…no need to comment your eyes say it all.

One thing that really stands out are your rings and things. Why do you think yours are more unique than the regular girl? Is it something that people comment on at all when they see you?

V: Yes, all the time. I’m always getting stopped and asked about my jewelry, but my rings definitely get the most attention. I think the difference between me and most other girls is I won’t just wear one big ring. I’ll wear 4 or 5 or however many I can fit on both hands without being too uncomfortable. For me, the bigger they are and the shinier they are the better. And this is not a new thing for me either; I’ve always been pretty “out there” when it comes to my accessories.

C: Have you ever thought of making your own line? With your unique style and fearless confidence in it, it seems that it would translate into something huge…then me and you could take that island vacation I’ve been dreaming of.

V: Funny that you ask that. It actually is something I’ve thought about and plan on bringing to fruition in the near future through my brand, quietgirlLOUDGIRL. And baby, we won’t just take an island vacation. We’ll buy the island.

C: Hell yeah! Fuckin right! quietgirlLOUDGIRL sounds pretty interesting. Want to explain such a contrasting brand name?

V: But of course. The name quietgirlLOUDGIRL represents me. I’m a fairly quiet person by nature. I wouldn’t say I’m shy, but I’m far from loud EXCEPT when it comes to my jewelry. My jewelry is definitely loud and it makes a statement.

C: And that explains it. Smashing if I do say so myself. I need to go ahead and settle down because you’re like the total package. And you’re all tattooed, just like me. When did you start getting tattoos and what attracts you to them? Do any of them stick out to you besides the Loveless one that we are clearly going to talk about in a second? Any sentimental reasons for them? The world wants to know.

V: Well, I got my first tattoo when I was 16. At that time, I was young and dumb and just wanted a tattoo. And let me tell you, my first one was terrible. I’m almost ashamed to say but it was of the Dru Hill dragon. I know, I know, I just really like dragons. Don’t worry, it has since been covered up. When I first started getting tattooed, I never thought I’d get to the point that I’m at now though. If you would’ve told me a few years ago, I’d have two half sleeves, I’d have been like ‘yeah right’. But once I met my current tattoo artist (and friend) and started getting pieces done by him, it only made sense to keep getting more. I love the look of beautiful, quality tattoos so why not adorn myself with them. Besides my Loveless piece, I’d have to say my favorites are my Buddha (I love that fat guy, but not as much as you, Cupid) and my two tribute pieces. I have a portrait of my Mom when she was in her twenties on my side in her traditional Korean dress that I love. I also have a portrait of my sister and I when we were younger.

C: Yeah, me and Buddha are actually good friends. Well we were…he beat my ass one time for calling him fat and stealing his girl. He’s still an alright guy in my book. He may get jealous again that I won the pretty girl. I have to say it’s pretty cool you would have such family oriented imagery on your body. People don’t usually think so much on their tattoos, so it’s damn dope yours have meaning. This brings us to your Loveless tattoo. I must say, I’ve seen many of these and have yet to see a little sidekick. Please enlighten us on what makes this one, especially since it will give us more insight to you.

V: I really wanted my Loveless to be a representation of me and it is. I’ve even had people tell me that out of all of the ones they’ve seen, mine looks the most like me. Part of that may be because of the little guy by my side holding my love bombs. My pug, Tyson, is more than just a pet to me. He’s my son and I love him to death, so it only made sense that he be right there beside me. I also wanted to make sure that certain things were featured in the tattoo as well, like the natural grey streaks in my hair, big hoop earrings and my favorite Jordans, the Jordan VII’s.

C: It is a striking resemblance. Even Tyson looks like himself. Is his tongue always out like that?

V: Always! It’s his signature look, LOL.

C: He looks like he’d harass a girl dog given the chance. Clearly one or two of those love bombs went off on him.

V: Oh, he will and he does. Tyson loves him some bitches.

C: Management can we run that? Thumbs up? Hell yeah, I fuckin love this job. Well miss, this has been more fun than asking pretty girls if they think icondoms are better than islippers (wait we even got that in…niceee). I’m going to let you go live your awesome life. Besides quietgirlLOUDGIRL is there anything else that we should be looking forward too from you? Any cool links to sites and such you may contribute too?

V: It’s been my pleasure. You can definitely find me on a few different places around the web. I recently started a lifestyle blog, so if you’re into that you can check me out at and of course there’s my twitter: @vickysecret.

C: And now my new girlfriend is about to be stalked…sigh Well let’s go to your place and cuddle a bit. Any last words to the people before we leave? This is your time to leave your mark on the world.

V: Just a couple of my favorite lines. Sharing is caring. And pugs, not drugs. Also, pretend like I just gave y’all my signature Asian peace sign.




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