You’re Never Too Old to Learn

You’re Never Too Old to Learn

Finally spring is here, and I’m really happy about that. I love shooting outside as much as possible. LovelessMel put me on to Skillshare and its been really great. Not only am I learning, but I’m being inspired by photographers/creatives I would have never been exposed to. So I’m going to walk my ass down the BeltLine, stop by the skate park and get some action shots (hopefully of some dope skaters). I’ve always wanted to get into shooting action sports like that. Maybe one day I’ll post a link of some old footage of me skating and snowboarding… I have also started compiling some images that I will be making into prints. When I was in school the printing process was one of my favorite activities mostly because I had full access to some sweet fucking printers with way more color schemes than I should have ever known about. Getting back into that side of photography will be fun.

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