Loveless Dre

Hello gang!! Psyche here this week. I’m happy to present a guy who said he was going to live his life the way he wanted and break all the rules for what he loved. This is one interview you will not want to miss. Take aim with Loveless Dre…

Psyche: How are you doing this fine April night?

Dre Mill: I’m Grandtastic. I was trying to have a date night with the misses but this is more important than that. Tah well.

P: Oh. Date night. Ummm… Hey Misses! Did you mention her to make sure I don’t flirt? I am a cherub. I do what I want. *cherub shrug*

@Dremill: Ha! No, I mentioned her because you asked how I was doing. I was just including what I was doing with the how. *Tall Negro Shrug*

P: Ah gotcha. So tell me about yourself? What makes you who you are?

@Dremill: What makes me who I am?  That is a great question. The first word that popped in my head was LOVE. Love makes me who I am.

P: Ooo I love LOVE! Tell me about the things you love, including people! I believe you’re the first interviewee that has a significant other! We need more couples!

@Dremill: The things I love…. of course there are the usual answers. I love my family, my daughters, my girlfriend etc… but to be honest my first love has always been and always will be music.

P: Muuuusssssiiiicccc *pretend I sung that melodically* I completely understand. Cupid always knew when I was mad because Keyshia Cole would be playing or some Etta James… Oh he knew…

Do you work in the music business or on music?

@Dremill: I do. Last year I quit my corporate job and finally built up the courage to follow my dreams and pursue a career in music. By the end of 2011 I was spot touring with Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q.


P: Hiiipower!

@Dremill: HIIIPOWER INDEED!!! So to answer your question I’m starting to work in the industry and I manage a producer so I work on music as well

P: That’s fabulous! What motivated you to quit your corporate job?

@Dremill: I’ve always known what I wanted to do for a living ever since the 3rd grade (before that I wanted to be a super hero, I had a costume that I made and everything but that’s another interview) but I never knew how to make it happen. I went to New York in April of 2011 and during that trip I so happen to meet Jay-Z and Just Blaze. After that I knew that I could make it happen if I put the energy behind that. When I got back to my job I just wasn’t motivated to do it anymore knowing that I could make my dreams a reality. So I quit that following August and the rest is history.

P: Whoa! Did you just blog? Hold on, lemme read!

@Dremill: Hahahahaha!!! I didn’t have a choice. You made me do it.

P: You know what, I owe you an apology. That explanation was not only thorough; it’s what Loveless is about. Speaking of, how did you hear about Loveless?

@Dremill: Here comes another one….

P: *Giggles* Its okay. I’m ready for it this time.

@Dremill: I had always known about Miya Bailey and the City of Ink. I followed his work back when Myspace was cracking (when I wasn’t on there trying to find some new ass) and I always wanted to get some work done by him. So after I came back from New York I decided that I was going to start living my life the way that I wanted to live it and stop living it the way people wanted me too. So I reached out to Miya and inquired about possibly getting some work done. He told me that he planned on coming up to Cincinnati on a tour but he was all booked up. He then told me that he was going to bring some other artists from City of Ink with him and it was a possibility that they might have some openings. So I looked into it and the Loveless creator was one of the artists. The creator of Loveless didn’t end up coming to Cincinnati with Miya but I was so intrigued by Loveless and what it meant because of what I was going through in that period in my life. It mirrored what loveless stood for. It was divine intervention, nothing more and nothing less.

Everything happens for a reason.

P: Yes it does, that is something I am certain of. So tell me about your Loveless pieces. What do they mean?

@Dremill: My first piece is my undying inner child. It incorporates everything that I am and have always been interested in. Shoes, Video games, Tattoos, Music and of course love. The blood dripping off of the sword in the shape of a heart shows that I will always fight for love.

P: That’s a dope concept! And the second?

@Dremill: The second one pays homage to my ancestors. I’ve been told time and time again that the ancestors have been helping and guiding me throughout my transition from the corporate world to making my path that I’m constructing now, so I wanted to do something to show that I acknowledge them and thank them for their guidance. So my second Loveless is a ancestor cherub from the mother land that guides and protects my undying inner child.

Deep shit…

P: And your next one will be of me? Yes. Fabulous!

@Dremill: Ha! We will have to see about that… What have you done for me lately Psyche?

P: I thought we had something. I’m here. *flutters wings*

@Dremill: Now how would Cupid feel about that?

P: *rolls eyes*

@Dremill: Ha!

P: So tell us where you want your dreams to guide you? What would your perfect world be like?

@Dremill: I want my dreams to take me to the moon. I always told my oldest daughter that I would take her there one day and I like to keep my promises.

In my perfect world I would be able to provide enough for my loved ones that they would be able to follow their dreams and make their dreams a reality. That’s My Perfect World.

P: That’s beautiful! I don’t want to take anymore time from the Misses… I hear she is a looker, I’m respectful. Cupid could learn a thing or two from you.

@Dremill: Cupid’s the homie. I’m sure we both could learn a thing from each other.

P: He has his moments I guess. So, do you have any last words for our readers?

@Dremill: I’m sure if they took the time to read my blog replies they already know what I’m about to say:

Life is short. Spend the precious time that god has given you doing the things that you love to do. Live YOUR life the way YOU want to live it. You only get one. Never stop chasing your love. Love is eternal, God is love. Peace and I’m out this bitch.

P: Well then, let us know how our readers can contact you or follow you and your progress! This has to be my most well behaved interview. *pinches cheek*

@Dremill: Ha! I appreciate that. I guess….

Twitter: @dremill… Facebook Name: Dre Mill… heck, all Dre Mill errrrthang!!!

P: There you have it folks! Lemme go see what Cupid is doing. Maybe he’ll rub my feathers.

@Dremill: Take pictures… Just playing.

P: -__-