Loveless Trent

So it’s been years, but we have a new member to showcase! Introducing the Loveless Initiations. Here we will put the new members through the test of answering random ass questions… that’s all we got.

First up is Trent. Watch the video, then read the stuff below. Then go follow him. And like pics. And say hey. And read the Loveless comic. In that order of course. Enjoy.

Who: I’m Trent Hearns, an artist from Birmingham creating in Atlanta. I’m a single Virgo if you’re into all that.

What: I’ve been a professional tattoo artist for six years, and painting and drawing since nineteen-ninety-ever. You could insert a cliche analogy of what art is to me right here, would do any justice tough! Check out my work on Instagram @Trent.Hearns.

When/Where: In the future. That’s all I got!

How: … am I feeling? I’m feeling great.

Anything else: Be positive, that’s my blood type so I keep that in my mind.