Hello dears,

I decided to write to you all today because what I have to say needs to be read by a few of you and more importantly… Cupid.  I come to you today feeling a little melancholy.  See, the other night Cupid was mentioning another female to me and I realized in the manner that he spoke about her, he had taken a fancy to her. Usually, this doesn’t bother me, because it seems like Mr. Loverboy “loves” all the girls. But the way he spoke of this one seemed a bit much for my taste. For as often as I downplay my affection for the little guy, I do love him…and I know he loves me.  I know what you are thinking.  “Then why aren’t you together?”  The answer is quite simple.  Our season is over.  It is possible to love someone but not be IN love with them.  Listening to him speak about her made me realize that no matter how uncomfortable I may feel as he speaks, seeing him smile truly does fill my heart, not only with love and gratitude, but with hope…for my own happiness, regardless of if it is with thine Cupid or noth.

I think that a lot of times as cherubs (I suppose I should say as humans too), we preach so much about individual happiness that we forget to be happy for our friends and loved ones.  My love for Cupid has no beginning or end for he is truly my best friend.  We do not work as a couple, but as friends we can take on the world.  My first instinct, as a female, was to downplay the other females attributes, but I realized that this would make me seem bitter.  Instead I chose the high road… and listened.  As Cupid spoke about her, I realized how excited he sounded and every statement was said with a sly smile (why are you being so coy little cherub boy. I digress…).  We all know Cupid can be a little depressing at times with his alcoholism…err…I mean “social drinking.” Watching him smile made me question when the last time I saw him like this was and, well, it was when he was with me.  I didn’t dwell on it much but during that conversation I realized that his happiness was greater to me than anything in this world, whether it was to spark a certain reaction in me or not.  That is when it suddenly hit me!  When you can set aside your feelings for the happiness of another, no matter how much it may hurt…You have truly learned to love unconditionally.

In life, you will meet people that you will love and every so often, their feelings may not be where you feel they should be.  It’s just the way the world works.  Sometimes, not even our arrows can help (don’t tell Cupid, he thinks he can fix everything with an arrow.)  If you have ever been there, then you know what I am talking about.  You find that person that you click with so well that you wonder how you  ever survived without them prior to meeting them.  Then one day you have a conversation and they explain that their heart is just NOT in the same spot as yours.  You then have to decide whether to dwell on it and pray for their feelings to change or move on.  Sometimes their feelings do change…yet most of the time, you end up wasting time trying to convince them how amazing you are.  This isn’t what you were created for.   You were created to be adored.  Hell, we all were.  When love is real and mutual, you don’t have to fight for affection.  It is given willingly and unconditionally.  If you truly love someone, you want nothing but their happiness, even if it isn’t with you.

So here I sit, typing this and ruffling my feathers.  While I am a little sad to write this, in the end I want Cupid to be happy, even if there is a chance it isn’t with me. For now, I will concern myself with practicing my aim so I can help you all out with this anomaly called “Love.”  Surround yourself with people that celebrate your happiness.  Those are the ones that know what true love is.  Okay, enough of this emotional stuff.  Time to go shoot some people!! (In a loving manner of course).


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