Silent Hearts continued…

Silent Hearts continued…

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled program (and you are seeing correctly, little tiny Cupid has on a suit. He hates it, but we don’t care. -management).

“Well everything was perfect Cupid…”

“That’s usually what they all say Mr. Powers. I can tell this will be a long story… (pulls out pen and pad) Please continue…”

“I never asked for any of this. I was perfectly okay with being single. I was the #1 rated  Associate in Los Angeles, screw it, the United States. Not only was I about to be a partner in my firm, but I was fresh off of a case that was supposed to be child’s play and ended up being the case of the year.”

“The one with the babysitting vampire assassins?”

“The one and only! My point is that I was labeled the most eligible bachelor in a landslide by all of the major magazines.”

“Even GQ?”

“Even GQ my pint sized friend.”

“Hmm…they must’ve lost my application again. Noted…resend…app…li…ca…shunnn…to…Geee…Queee…angry face. Check! Please continue.”

“The last thing on my mind was a girlfriend. I was living it up! It damn near felt like I had women under a spell.”

“Knowwws….magic. Check”

“But every love story starts with the meet, and boy did we meet…hard!”

“And how does one meet hard?”

“By running dead into her. I was jogging through the park and looked back for a second at this hot brunette…and yeah, I kind of ran her over while she was bent over tying her shoe.”

“I like your style Romeo. So smooth…”

“Indeed, they can’t all be award winning. But I could still see that she was slightly interested…well…after she broke a Guinness record for using every swear word known to man, including some I’m sure she came up with on the spot, in reference to me. Alas, she couldn’t hide her slight smile.”

“Did she do the thing where she played with her hair all flirty and stuff?”

“Not yet, but you know…that I know about some body language. Just as you wrote down with your sloppy little handwriting, I know magic, and I had some work to do.”

“Well actually I was drawing a picture of a leprechaun. They are magical and it irks me. Only they can make stale marshmallows in cereal taste so damn delicious.”



“Yes. So what was your next move Magic Mike?”

“I saw that she scrubbed her knee a bit in the collision. After apologizing, I let her know that I knew the secret ingredient to heal any wound, and she had to promise not to share because my Grammy told me and she would be mighty upset. She promised and I let her know that all she needed was a healthy dose of ice cream, STAT! She giggled a bit and decided to join me.”

“You sly devil you. As Jeff would say ‘nobody not turn down ice cream…nobody’.”

“Indeed. Nobody… not? Well anyway, I wish I could say that sealed the deal, but no. This girl wasn’t easy. She went on a few dates with me and seemed to enjoy my company, but she made me work for it. She thought I was a womanizer and refused to give me more than a kiss just to keep me at bay. She even left for weeks at one point. At first I was like, ‘Cool now I can actually get more than a kiss from a girl…’ Silly me, I was missing her by the second day. Those weeks were tough as shit. Apparently she wanted to give an ex one last shot after he saw that she wasn’t around him anymore.”

“Wow Powers. I’m actually a bit shocked you stuck around after that. I must’ve been testing out those nuclear love bullets that week?”

“Apparently so. But no worries. One day, of all things, her friend tricked her into seeing me. But that is all it took. She saw what she was leaving and came back into my life. At that point, we were inseparable. We were around each other so much that I quickly moved her in. If there was anything I could do to make her smile, I was all about it. I was happily in love. I had become the man I wanted to be.”

“And what are you now?”

“Miserably confused yet in love more than ever. And nothing on my end has changed, but after three years, it just doesn’t seem like she is into it anymore.”

“This isn’t regular… I’m lying. Shit’s quite common actually these days. One thing is more apparent than you know though. There is indeed a reason. She is just not letting it be known at the moment. Has anything changed with you?”

“Heck no. Growing happiness maybe? I mean, I was moving up even higher in the ranks which meant longer hours on many cases.”

“Okay, now we are getting somewhere. No…time…for…loving. Check!”

“Wait! She knew what she was getting into. She knew that my hours were long. We can’t blame this on that. She gets to enjoy the finer things because of what I do. I’m sure that can’t be it. That’s why she moved in. So that our colliding schedules could help us really cherish the time we did spend together.”

“So in a day, you saw Mary about how many hours?”

“Why you have to go there short stack?”

“Just answer the question *clips toenails* Where did this come from?”

“Two hours…”

“Wow. Bet you’re being generous too.”

“One hour… But only Monday through Saturday!”

“How does one even accumulate such few hours sir?”

“Well, Mary is a teacher, so she wouldn’t give that up for the world. Sure she could have stayed home, but she isn’t that type of woman. So she would wake up early in the morning. I would be sleep, as I typically have long nights. She would always kiss me before heading to work.”

“So we can estimate 5 minutes of quality time right there. Wonder why she was complaining?”

“Man I hate you. Where was I? Oh, so then I would go to the office around 11. When you’re the best, you make your hours. She would get home around 5:00 or so, but I wouldn’t make it home to let’s say…midnight? She would always stay and wait for me, but by that time, she would be tired. I’d hold her until she started snoring, then slip back into the den and continue work for the next day.”

“You seem to be answering all of your own questions boss. And like you said, you can make your own hours. Maybe you should schedule a bit more time around your love?”

“I know, but it’s not easy.”

“But is it worth it?”

“Of course!”

“Well, what you talking to me for, go make it happen. Go surprise her. You said that my case is easy, let’s not worry too much about it. And no worries, private sessions with Cupid are expensive, so I will just even it out with whatever lawyer fees this cost and call it a day.”

“You’re a slick one, I like. May have to make you partner. Ok, I’m out of here. Do yourself a favor and stay out of trouble, you’re going to see Earl considering you still have your courtly obligations. I’ll see you back in this office three days from now. I’m sure I will be a lot happier.”

“Of course you will. Now go find your love and shit. I’m gonna find out where I can get drunk.”

“You’re a piece of work.”

So after a few nights of sheer debauchery and such (what can I say…my ladies liked the suit, though it didn’t stay on long) I ready myself for another meeting with Max. His tale is one that many seem to face these days. What’s more important? Your career or your love. Some people say you can’t have both, but that is stupid. Sure you can, but you have to know the balance. No one wants to feel alone during a relationship, so it takes two willing parties. Oh shit I’m late. You’ve come this far, you may as well come in too.

“Maxxy Waxxy. How’s it…hey you crying?”

Max looks up at me from his desk. The room is dark…his expression said it all, as well as the cascading tears landing on his forearm.

“She left me…she fucking left me…”

“Ahhh fuck. Now I’m going to have to make the readers mad again?”

“What? what are you talking about?”

“They hate it when I say this but clearly this tale is not over. So with that being said, this shall ‘be continued’ *dodges random vegetables being thrown*. Hey!!! Don’t blame me blame Max! I didn’t tell him to get dumped.”

“What?!” *cries*

“Fuck. See you guys next week.”


-Loveless Cupid


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