Short post this week guys. I’m trying to figure some shit out. So…lately, I’ve been having these weird ass dreams. I’m not a very vivid dreamer, as I typically forget my alcohol induced comas, but that hasn’t been the case as of late. I mean the dreams I have been awaking from go as deep as that level of Inception where I’m all old with my first pubic hairs finally making an appearance. I don’t have that little top to spin so I just think it’s all real (if you haven’t seen Inception, here is a spoiler alert…Joseph Gordon Levitt is cooler than you…sorry but you have been warned). They have all been really weird, but this is the latest one. They say dreams are a window to the soul…I wonder what I’m supposed to be seeing in this cloudy ass shit then. Follow along.

I know I’ve been dreaming for awhile, but I can only recall my memory of running from some pigs in business suits, chasing me for my profitable face. Weirdly I know the only way to safety is over the ocean by using the hang gliders conveniently placed by this cliff (yeah…using me wings just seems like too smart of an idea I think). While I do this, I am being filmed by these bug eyed fish and told this will make great TV and I need to act scared…for the ratings. And right when I say I will not, a shark eats me as I walk through the post office. I then discover that the meaning to life is in the belly of this shark and I must battle the remnants of Jack sparrow to open the chest. As I draw my sword, a quick blink changes the hipster pirate into Jeff.

“Open the box C…open the box”, the big tittied Jeffina whispers (wait…when did he…um she…fuck it). I open it to see a light so bright and vivid that it makes a double rainbow. I cry hysterically at it’s glory. I run as fast as I can to the other end…just knowing that what I seek is there. But I run………………………………………only to see I’m on a treadmill. So I steps off that shit and just fly to the end. I come to the end to only see a scroll, rolled up, wanting to be read. I open it. The words hard to read, I begin.

“She owns you”

What? I then turn to see this woman pointing a gun straight at the middle of my head.

“Say it” she says…..

“I love…” BLAMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

I wake up in a cold sweat surrounded by the empty bottles that help drown my sorrows. “You…I love you. Fuck!!! I hate that I fucking love you!!!!”.

Fuck these dreams…something is not right, like there is something missing….and these dreams are my subconscious trying to reveal it to me. Who was that? I have to figure it out, and I would encourage you all not to turn away from your images in your head. Something is trying to be revealed. I just wish I knew what it was. Ugh…back to sleep I go. I need more answers. These nightmares could be the obstacles to my happiness. Damn I need to be cuddled up under some boobs. Zzzzzzz………

-Loveless Cupid 


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