You know what burns? Bloody alcohol on open wounds. Shit stings…fucking bad. Why would I be pouring alcohol on a wound when I know it feels like hell on earth? Two reasons actually. Reason 1: I thought that it would actually help it from getting infected. Don’t go looking to your precious Google. I already did and it said I was a dumb arse. Apparently clean water is best for this situation, but where’s the fun in that? That leads to my next point, aptly entitled *drum roll…* Reason 2: Because that pain takes away from the real pain I feel…in my heart.

Yes… you have wandered into Cupid’s emotional corner, and if you aren’t a fan of this particular version of me, you better act like you enjoy it before I choke you with a tube sock and crack a bottle over your fucking’ head!!!! …Sorry mates, alcohol and a droopy heart here. Drink a bit of this and let’s chat. Promise I won’t be long.

In case you blokes haven’t noticed, I’ve been pretty absent from the world (though I can’t let a Wednesday go by without giving you lot something). For those who love seeing my face invade their twitter, I apologize to you the most. Even love gods need their alone time you know. As much as I sit here and try my best to give you lot advice, sometimes I have to sit back and do my best to lecture myself on what would make me happy. This would be one of those moments. Like many of you, my heart seems to have a mind of it’s own. On one hand, I know that I have to be me and do what I can to make sure everyone is focusing on loving hard, yet on the other I have obligations to the people I care about. Sometimes these things clash and that is when I find myself the most intoxicated as I search for answers in the corner, of the last sip of  a glass bottle. Tears are held back by a single eye-patch to show everyone that I have no fear, but it is my nature…to have my heart visible to the world.

Fuck, I’m rambling. Let me get back on track. So, my hiatus was not as long as many of you may think. Me and the creature of my affection were actually spotted at the “Broken Board” art show curated by the West End Tattoo Parlour in Atlanta, GA. Good times were had, but our image seemed to resonate with people. There I lie…motionless, from an onslaught of arrows. Psyche stands as the culprit with bow in hand, but she doesn’t seem happy? The arrows point to the fact that I should be madly in love, and she has drawn the string, so how could she not be happy? I think the broken heart that sits atop the board that is not vibrant in colour as well as the saying on the bottom “As the bow’s tension releases, all questions are answered…or do they begin?” says much about the imagery.

What does it mean? People fall in love, but while many look for it to be the answer, in this world it may actually be the question. Why do we love each other? Why is that person  so special? What are we willing to do to keep us alive? I know you lot are not foreign to such questions, but these answers can shape your life. After I put this bottle down, I’m going to do my best to help you all figure it out… then turn around and focus on me. It’s not the blind leading the blind. It’s all of us growing together. In a loveless world…the one’s who still know love’s importance are the one’s who give even the bleakest fucker a glimmer of  hope. Cheers mates…here goes a bit of alcohol for those wounds. May not help with the healing, but damn…feels kinda good in a weird way (maybe we should just get some new tattoos? *shrugs*) Still lost? I just want everyone to focus on their weaknesses in order to hopefully unite something great with someone. I know if I have too, then a few of you out there may need to follow suite. Let’s toast to that shit and have at it.

Loveless Cupid

PS- Here is an awesome blog post from an up and coming Society member (We told you guys we’d post this stuff if you sent us links, didn’t believe us huh?) Go ahead, stalk it, then be motivated to send us a link to your write up on us. Thanks for the amazing words Free, can’t wait to have our chat and introduce you to the Society. Click here.

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