The Gift…of Failure

The Gift…of Failure


“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”- Henry Ford

I like quotes, can you tell? I just believe if someone said it already and it sounded perfect, why not steal that shit? Haha. I kid..I kid. The other night I sat outside of this girl’s bedroom window and amongst the sad music playing, I heard her question why she couldn’t make her relationship work.  I realized that people look at things ALL wrong.  ALL WRONG.  When things don’t work, you should try to fix it if you care.  If that doesn’t work then sometimes you just have to stop what you’re doing and question your approach and determine if what you’re fighting for is even the RIGHT thing for YOU.

If we always got what we wanted, when we wanted it, we probably wouldn’t value anything that we possess.  We wouldn’t value our material possessions, our friends, our significant others, or our achievements in the workplace…Nothing.  I know some of you are reading this and saying to yourself that I am wrong and you would value everything.  Riddle me this then, why?  Why would you value a relationship you didn’t have to work to establish?   Why would you value a job position that is given to you without any desire to possess it?  You wouldn’t.  And once again this cherub is right…Thank you.

This post isn’t about highlighting failures as the most amazing thing ever.  That would be some bullshit. But it doesn’t mean that your failures can’t be your new stepping stone.  Every once and a while, in life, we want do overs.  We have those moments when we say things that we don’t mean or completely blow an interview and the only thing we can think of when we are out of “harm’s way” is, “Damn, I wish I did that  differently.”  It’s okay.  No, for real, IT’S OKAY.

The best part about being human is the fact that you can make mistakes and learn from them.  You can learn from a relationship untrue.  How else do you learn what you will and won’t put up with?  You can interview better the next time around when you mess up an interview.  You can’t let the negativity in life get you down.  Well, feeling down is normal…Just remember to come back stronger and better prepared.

Life is going to hand your trials and tribulations.  What makes you who YOU are is how you handle those situations.  The person capable of seeing failure as an opportunity tends to be the person that makes it way past their goals and see their dreams come to fruition.

So go fail at some shit.  It will only make you stronger. (okay, don’t try to fail though…You get what I mean..right?)

-Loveless Psyche

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